Concept for a futuristic Cessna 4 place family plane of tomorrow.
The nose of a Lotus Esprit, this would be one hot exotic.
Clean clean clean....  The rear of the fuselage center hull area houses a
Continental aircraft engine which powers the pusher propellor, (not shown).
This design would have a wider cabin area and added foot room like that of a
luxury full size automobile.
This is one of the studies of 'scale', parking the experimental craft next to other
aircraft and even automobiles to get a sense of size and proportion.
The dual rudders are for countering the effect of dynamic 'wash' which occurs
during slow high angle landings and V-2 rotation on take-offs.
Note the wingfoil shape of the top of the fuselage and the Stealth F117 like
belly area which are ideal for moderate lift and efficiency.
Sketch paper within the mind of a computer
This concept is property of and copyright by William Ortis, Lionheart Creations Ltd. and is hereby
published in public for documentation purposes.