Having your own aircraft created for Flight Simulator and or ESP
Flight Simulation Systems
Custom Aircraft Creation
If you are an Aircraft Manufacturer or General Contractor for an Aircraft firm and you would like to have a
particular plane created for Flight Simulator, please submit for a bid to see what it would cost for our team
to produce your plane for.
What goes into a 'Virtual' aircraft package can be extensive.  A team working closely together interact with
their various departments, from CAD operators that create the actual model mesh, the group or person that
create the interior model mesh, the artist(s) that use computer graphics to give the models exterior and
interior paint and fabric schemes a 'high realism' appearence.  Then there is gauge creation specialists that
make up the various gauges that will fill a instrument panel.  Such work can also take months alone on
creating, such as the sophisticated Garmin G900x or the TruTrak Merlin Auto Pilot system with voice
callouts.  And lastly, there is the sound mixing done to create a perfect resemblance of the great many
sounds involved with a model of aircraft, such as rolling sounds when on the ground, engine idle, engine
at full power, startup sounds, various gear and flaps servo sounds, tuning them for the proper 'interior' and
'exterior' sound levels.
These are not simple projects created by Lionheart Creations Ltd.  These are extremely unique, forged,
high labor intensive recreations of actual planes.  Every screw on a instrument panel, every gauge, every
sound, every rivet is recreated with as much high realism as technologically available.
Clients and Manufacturers

Bellanca Aircraft Company
Aerospatial's Trinidad and Tobago group
Epic Aircraft
Redbird Flight Simulator Systems
If you would like to have an aircraft created, please contact us with the requirements the model
would need, panel data, exact model type, number of paint schemes, and we will create a bid with
an approximate time schedule for creation of the package.

                                                     To contact us on a bid, click here