This is the birth place of many a famous Bellanca aircraft.  One might not realise that they had a plane that could also
cross the Atlantic, just as Ryan did.  They were the producers of dependable high endurance long stretch aircraft.  Getting
into 'General Aviation' was a new step and new trend for Bellanca, which turned out to be quite a good business decision.

This little airfield comes with the Bellanca package.  Once you download and install the Classic Bellanca Collection, you
will find the airfield by bringing up the 'Go To Airport' selection screen in Flight Simulator and selecting either 'Bellanca
Field' or Airport Code: 65, and select OK, to bring you there to the Bellanca Aircraft Factory of yesteryear.  

In actuality, the airport no longer exists, but one hanger.  The runway has been turned into a roadway and the area is
now a business center of various small firms structures.  Time has almost erased the birthplace of these remarkable
aircraft, but not entirely.  Here, you can relive the chance to 'pick up your first plane' there!

When you dial into the airport, you will find yourself in New Castle, Delaware in the United States of America.  Here,
they have some cold winters, but some awesome summers, great for flying about on the weekends in your Bellanca!

Good flying.
Note the 'unfinished' Bellanca's on the left side of the hanger.
In this overhead screenshot, you can see the layout of the airfield.  New Castle airport is just
above it on the other side of the airfield, about 2 miles away.