Classic Bellanca Collection
by Lionheart Creations Ltd.
Bellanca Updates Page


UPDATE Bellanca 260 Model update
June 28th, 2006

This rectifies a glitch that occurred with an interior update.  Simply drop this file into the
'Model' folder in the Bellanca 260 aircraft folder.
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UPDATE Bellanca Collection Blue Stripes and Green Stripes Update
June 28th, 2006

This is an enhancement upgrade to the Blue Stripes and the Green Stripes paint
schemes of the Classic Bellanca Collection for the 260, Cruisemaster, and 230.  This
adds crisp detail to the overall quality to these textures with additions of N-number
registries, line alignments, and Bellanca logos.  They are also done in 32bit format.  
These should 'not' slow down frame rates as they are only one bitmap per texture pack
that feature high resolution 32bit Bitmaps.
Download from

UPDATE Missing Panels on exterior models update.
Bellanca Collection June 6th, 2006

This rectifies panels that mysteriously become invisible when looking at the instrument
panel through the plexiglass windows from outside the aircraft.  The download is 18
Megs.  Please see the readme on instructions for changing colors if you should wish
different panel colors.  All panel colors come with this package and can be interchanged.
Download from here.

UPDATE 2, Build 2 for the Bellanca Collection June 1st, 2006

This is the newest update which now sports engineered airfiles by Jerry Beckwith.  
These high precision airfiles have a very good 'realism' to the actual Bellanca aircraft.
There are also modifications to the Model files so that the pilot shows up with engine
running as well as new lighting control of the dome light being moved to the 'o' command
for realistic night flying with the illuminated instrumentation.

If you have the Bellanca Collection, please download this.  Its download size is 18 megs.
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download now.

Note; If you download the update, you will find some grey uncolored aircraft if you dont
have the 3 Bellanca Add-On textures that were released at AVSIM and Flightsim.  If you
do a reinstall of the entire package via downloading from PayPal or Flight1, you will not
have to worry about obtaining these texture folders as they come with the new 'Build
2.0' package.  If you find the texture packs, simply drop them into the classic Bellanca's
folders and they will automatically show up.

This update fixes the 'white on white' problem with the small N-Number plaque bar on
the instrument panel of the Bellanca 260.  You can place this gauge on other panels of
the Bellancas as well.  It will automatically read the N-number registration from your
aircrafts config file.  (Several of the other Classic Bellanca's have this unique gauge).
Place this TailNumber gauge folder in each Panel folder of the various Bellanca's.
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download now.

UPDATE 1F for the Bellanca Collection

CTD anti-crash fix now out

Bellanca Collection Build 1.0.6        2nd of March, 2006
This update Auto-Installer corrects the following;
* Update of DSD sound gauge file which was causing CTD crashes
Updates to the Bellanca 260;
* Hardware and placards not animating on rear cargo door
* Pilots yoke slider ring aligned
* Animation mod to the nose gear fork
* Removal of rogue black square that would pop-up
* Heading indicator now resides where VOR pop-up was for better heading vis
* Generator switch added to 2D and VC panels for VC Startups
* Graphics mods to some instrumentation
* Pop-Up of engine gauges below pilots yoke now installed
* Certain parts not animating with the door in the VC, now rectified
* Light Management Center Panel now properly mapped in VC with switches
* An instrument was not matched correctly between 2D and VC panels, rectified
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download now
To redownload a PayPal purchase for the complete Build 2 version or loss of
files from a Hard Drive failure, go to this webpage form and fill it out to request
an additional download.