This is the place to find news on our product lines and future works.  News that is factory direct.

I hope you enjoy the new Blog.  Come back frequently to find out what is going on here at the humble airplane factory of Lionheart Creations Ltd.
While recouping from F100 issues, I have started some side projects until getting back into the F100.  (That will be soon).  In the mean time, here is a ship that is getting past its half
way point and should hopefully be finished in the very near future.  This is a plane designed after the Arup aircraft of the 1930's.  A series of planes that were like a mix between
flying wings and lifting bodies.  They flew great with very small engines and one was made as an air racer.  I recreated my own version of this 'shape' of wing and made what ended up
being more like the famous Vought Chance V-173 'Flying Flapjack' (flying saucer).  A very unique plane.  My design incorporates twin Tesla automobile motors in the bodies leading
edges (one on each side, concealed).  They branch out through drive shafts to twin fan props in the wingtips.  The wingtips turn for aileron/roll control.  They also can tilt up and act
like a STOL system for short field take-offs.
I invision these as being small cargo planes with room in them for parcels and things.  The design features two seats, digital instruments on screens that are based on Android Tablets.
Project Syros; Flying Wing
January 19th, 2017
This is a rendition of one of the German WWII Haunebu saucers from the German anti-gravity program.  This is the Haunebu II-A. The next step up from the Haunebu I, the II
experimented with a belly turret and other features.  Vertical performance was weak, but speed was good horizontally.  This features a brilliant VTOL system by Rob Barendregt.  I can
vouch to say that this thing is a blast to fly.  She gets up to about 1800 knots before she explodes.  Have to be careful as the shells cannot take to great a speed.  Cabin is in-progress.
Project Haunebu
Many have asked if we will be updating to Prepar3D V4 and when?  We are presently updating now, testing each product line as it is updated.  The issue or delay was caused by a
virus attack that took out the codes for the present packages.  A work around has been found and we are now back to cruising along and getting the fleet updated for 64bit
compliance.  We should hope to have most of the fleet updated, tested, and sent out to vendors by Wednesday, first week of January.  Thats the plan.

Updating to Prepar3D V4
DECEMBER 31st 2017
I have been updating the aircraft fleet to Prepar3D V4 lately.  For the past 3 weeks now, we have been testing the installers, changing out the sound effects systems, making sure they
find V4 correctly.  I have received countless emails for updates to the fleet for V4.  The holdup was that I was hit hard with a virus that took out all the customer codes for the product
lines.  I had no idea how that would be covered.  But we found a way around that as the product codes were still intact.  :)  With that, I was able to move forward and begin updating
and getting things ready for release.  

Note that this will now be a process of getting our vendors the installers and waiting for them to get the packages into their stores so they can update your files.  This will be free for
existing owners of these planes.  This may take several days for some vendors.  Please be patient as we get things updated and uploaded.

There is one delay though.  The Learjet is a very sophisticated bird with several systems on it.  It has not been converted to 64bit yet.  I know 'many' are waiting for it, and all I can tell
you is my amazing C++ programmer is working on the code.  When its done, then we test it, then we can upload it.  I am guessing one week but please do not hold me to that.
Prepar3D V4 Updating and Testing Finishing
January 11th, 2017
Fleet Price Reductions
Some of our fleet will be getting new price tags with lowered prices.  (yes.....  lower prices).  Some of
these planes are aged and low in detail levels, so they will be getting adjustments in their pricing.

It seems the world is in a rough stretch lately.  We are feeling it world wide.  This should help some who
are hard hit.  Every cent counts, these days.

Enjoy the new prices when they arrive.  This will start taking place in the next several days.
Present Build List completed for V4 with pricing and locations

* Quest$24.95
* Epic$24.95
* Epic$24.95
* Trinidad$29.95
* Q200$22.95
I have been sending out the new V4 installers to Lionheart Creations Vendors (Dealerships).  These new
installers can now install into 6 different simulators; FSX, FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3D V1, V2, V3, and
now V4 with updates to bring the fleet up to 64bit tech.

The Learjet LJ24B and the Avelina still need updated DLL's to make them 64bit for V4.  So they are not
completed yet.  As soon as they are, I will post it.  
Installer Updates to the
LHC Fleet
Work was halted to do a huge dive into the Learjet LJ24B which had not been updated to 64bit for Pre
par3d V4.  One of the things needed was updated 64bit DLL's as well as updated coding to systems
that needed to be redone for V4 to work right.  Much testing and recoding was carried out.
Another thing that was done on the new version Lear was rebuilding of the nose, from the door edge
on forward, it was all rebuilt on the exterior and thus, parts of the interior had to be rebuilt as well.  It
was a massive undertaking and also required redoing of the huge fuselage texture which is in 4K reso-
lution.  Somehow we got through all that and kept finding a new bug here and there, but we were able
to kill all the bugs and get things refined, get rid of code flooding, and finally, a finished, revamped,
redone Lear.  Its been to the body shop, wiring department, had her instruments retuned, its Auto-
pilot has been touched up and redone.  You name it, its happened.  Other things include some new paint
schemes, some improvements to textures here and there, rehandling of some sound managements
such as the wind noise from the gear being down at certain speeds, which is now in 3 stages of sound
levels.  I am proud of her.  She has really evolved.
One thing I really like doing is getting the buttons on the yoke working.  Now you have the trim knob
functioning with elevator trim and heading control.  You have MIC button that brings up the ATC
window.  The right top button is Autopilot on/off, and the bottom right button is the new 'Cheater'
system-on button, that flips on all the needed system-non-keyboard switches.  And......  Now a
yellow Annunciator light comes on when AP system is on-active.  And.....!!!!  Its a free update to
existing Lear owners.  :)  Merry Christmas and happy flying.