Bugatti Air
** Released!
Created in the 1930's to be the fastest
aircraft in the 'then famous' air racing
circuits, this was to be the aircraft that would
take down the famed German air racers.  The
famous Bugatti Automobile company of
Alsace France, known for winning world wide
Grand Prix races over 2,000 wins in a single
year, and their fabulous Royale cars with
straight 8 engines created this dream
aircraft in the attic of a famous Piano factory
secretly in Paris.
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The Bugatti FS2004 Adventure pack!

It is the late 1930's and you receive a letter from Mr. Ettore Bugatti, the
famous car maker of Europe and unequalled Grand Prix race car designer.  
In the letter he writes;  "Your assistance is required in completing a special
air racer that I and my colleagues have been working on.  A wild new form of
twin engine aircraft with revolutionary new flight surfaces and controls, dual
opposed propellers, and powered by two state of the art Bugatti Grand Prix
Formula One racing engines.  The top speed of the little prototype is said to
be in the neighborhood of just over 400 knots!

You will have use of a Type 57SC Atlantique Coupe' sports car on your
stay in the beautiful countryside of Alsace France.  Temporary residence will
be accommodated at the Bugatti Molscheim estate.

Please bring what you need, flight gloves and cap, etc, and be prepared for
some wild flying!  A temporary pylon course for testing the Bugatti air racer
has also been set up.  Be prepared for some rough but exhilarating flying!


Ettore Isidorro Arco Bugatti"
Painting by Steve Tournay
Flight testing and finishing up of the Flight Simulator FS2004 Bugatti package is being
carried out.  A release date is not yet known.  The package will have several versions of the
Bugatti aircraft design, several flying versions of the air racers that are featured as static
aircraft as well, driveable Bugatti automobiles, the air field where the air racing is to be done
that includes a large amount of antique style hangers and scenery, and the Bugatti Estate in
Molsheim where you can see the house just 8 miles down the road from the field.
Climbing out over the valley of Alsace,
France, the twin, supercharged racing
engines are howling as the Bugatti Air Racer
rockets upward into the clear french skies
of southern France.
Quite a few planes line the field as can
be seen here.  Moderate attention was
focused on creating a vintage European
airfield of various air racers so that the
feeling of the 'era' would be felt by the
sim racing pilot.  
This is the Molsheim house or residence of
the Family Bugatti.  The house is surrounded
in beautiful trees that include weeping willows
and the like.  A dual row of large trees form a
column up to the house from the main road.  
The house can be found by flying south
towards Molsheim along the main road that
passes the airfield.  It is about an 8 mile jaunt
if you take one of the Bugatti cars that come
with the Adventure Pack.
Here is a shot of the P-100 Air Racer with
the cowling removed.  This added feature
works by selecting Wing Fold command in
which the cowling slowly rises up and over
the wing, then back where it gently lites upon
two saw horses that appear.  An antique
Castrol oil can appears as well.  Also note
that the Canopy is opened in this screen
shot.  This is selected with Shift/E as
normal.  With that, the canopy arises up and
forward and settles down upon the forward
Note the moderate amount of detail of the engine bay,
featuring the famous magnesium specially casted
versions of the Type 51 Grand Prix straight eight
engines, each supercharged and fitted snuggly between
radiators, cooling ductwork and various tanks.
The odd stance of the Bugatti P-100 was due in part
by the tail fin causing the nose to 'not' angle up as
high as a standard tail-dragger aircraft, and the fact
that the pilot sat so far ahead of the wheels was due
to the amount of weight of the 2 Grand Prix Formula
1 racing engines and various fuel cells mounted
behind the landing gear tires line.
Here the P-100 pulls its gear up after
take-off from the grassy field of the
little airport.
Here is the 2D cockpit view within
the tight fitting P-100.  
This is a wild feature of the Bugatti P-100 Air Racer that I
was excited to put into the model.  Note the opened
clam-shell-like dual spoilers/split flaps.  Bugatti figured a
way to make a multi set of panels that could operate
together or alone to carry out the functions of flaps,
spoilers, spoilerons, and split flaps.  In this model, the
upper control surfaces are used as spoilers and work
quite well for air-braking when coming into a turn about
the giant pylon towers.
In this screenshot, the P-100 is parked in
front of the Family Bugatti Estate house.  
You can see someone is home for lunch,
their Bug's parked in the front.
Note the cool forward swept and fluid
design of the main wings.  She is beautiful
just sitting there.  It is a very pure design,
very 'Pursang'...
The futuristic V-tail design is very
unique in both looks and functionality.  
This same design was used later by
William Lear in the design of the
LearFan 2100 project.
June Bug's Dream
This is one of many racing aircraft that are
featured in the static ground aircraft as
well as flyable models within the Adventure
Pack.  This one is called the 'June Bug's
Here is the 'June Bug's Dream' cooling down after some
practice sessions.  The various air racers feature opening
canopies, working control surfaces and suspension as well
as some neat racing textures.
Kate's Lion
Here are screen shots of another of the
many flyable race planes.  This one is the
husky looking "Kate's Lion".  This entrant hails
from Great Britain and has a mean radial.  
She's heavy but fast.
Kates Lion II GB Style
Kreutzer's Komet
This is still yet another air racer
called the "Kreutzers Komet",
sporting a moderately sized
straight six inverted powerplant
and a cool little sporty silver paint
scheme.  Sinsinich Propellars
made these props special with
large diameter bite.
Michaels Winged Warrior
This is the red little rocket with the
checkered wings that puts up quite a
fight.  Look out for this bird.
Bugatti Variants
This is the French Government financed Bugatti high speed interceptor and reconnaisance aircraft that
Ettore' was financed to produce.  This would have been a massively worthy advisary against the German
Luftwaffe sporting the dual twin engine supercharged power of the fast and quite sleek bird.
This is the high speed aluminum prototype
build experimental pre-manufacture fighter,
fitted with flush rivets to give this craft the
drag cooefficient of pure lightning!
These screen shots are of a part of the package being developed of a modern day Bugatti Sport aircraft.  
It features phenomenal performance, composite construction, and turbo prop power.  The variant would
come in three colors and would sport modern flight avionics systems such as GPS, full NAV systems, as
well as 'glass cockpit' instrumentation.
A final note on the beautiful and graceful
P-100 air racer.  She was hand made by
true craftsman.  One of the amazing
'finishing touches' upon the famed V-tail
racer was a finish that was like a mirror.  
To look at it, you would never think it was
made of 2 layers of wood, carved to shape
and then coated to give it a liquid like finish.
Bugatti Type 35-C;
Compressuer Grand
This incredible straight eight turbo charged twin cam powered
revolutionary Grand Prix car won a phenominal 2100 races
(plus) in its first year of production.  The wheels were a leap in
technology and design, being a one piece casting that also
housed the brake housing and sporting lite weight aluminum
spokes.  It was said that because many races were lost in the
release of this car due to exploding tires not being able to
handle the incredible agility and power of this car, that Ettore'
was going to have to make his own tires as well!
The 'driveable' version of the Type 35-C that
comes with this Adventure Pack sports
turning and steering wheels, working steering
wheel, and photographic textures for a
realistic look.  This little machine is a blast to
drive in Flight Simulator.  The superb airfile
that enables this vehicle to perform like a car
is by the famous Bill Lyons of the Golden Eagles
website, famous for his flight adventure
Bugatti Type 57SC
Atlantique' Coupe
The fabulous Type 57SC Atlantique Coupe' sported a revolutionary design for the autoworld back then.  
Designed by Ettore' Bugatti's son, Jean, it had rare seams that ran along the top of the fenders and body
work which gave it an aircraft like appearance.   The special engine was noted to do nearly 10,000 RPM
which was unheard of back then with balancing technologies not yet as modern, it was almost

Recently, the Atlantique owned by Mr. Ralph Lauren recieved world attention at the auto show in Pebble
Beach, attaining a value upon the little sports car of  several million dollars US.  The quality,
craftsmanship, engineering, and styling were second to none.  

In this FS model, your 57SC is textured with Ralphs own vehicle photo textures.  Drive carefully and
please watch the dings when you park.
These are some of the map graphics that
provide directions for the adventure pack.
Combat Mission
In the Bugatti Adventure Pack, one of
your selections in the flights available is a
mission to find the secret Luftwaffe
airbase that has the rumoured
Messerschmidt Me 163 Komet.  You
must find the airbase for Allied Command.
The adventure pack comes with a
complete Luftwaffe airbase complete
with static Komets, hangers, rocket fuel
depot and a small detachment of Me-109
base defense fighters.
Real Pictures
This is the actual model of the aircraft in concept form and
shape.  Note the purity of the design and the extremely
aerodynamic sleekness and purposefulness put into every single
area.  Not to mention that the various systems must now be
squeased into the structure such as pair of Grand Prix Formula
1 racing engines, a pilot, 3 fuel tanks, an oil resevoir, a unique air
channel system for cooling, the landing gear, linkages and
drivelines, and then for it to be balanced perfectly!  Not a difficult
chore, lol....
Hard at work in the Gmax studios, lol...  Just kidding.  This is the
original prototype.  One cannot fathom how truly futuristic this craft
actually was back then.  The canopy is does not impede the airflow by
way of aerodynamics as the curves are uninterrupted over the shape
of the fuselage throughout the canopy transition.
Revolutionary flight control
designs were introduced in this
radical high speed air racer.  
Even the cooling systems were
years ahead of their time.  In this
screenshot, a depiction of the
dual surface tripple action
This is a screen shot of the famous Bugatti
P-100 hanging up in the EAA Museum.  My
thanks to them for helping me with some key
details concerning the creation of this flight
model of that brilliant aircraft.
Adventure Pack
This Flight Simulator FS2004 Game Pack comes with the following;

Bugatti R-100 Air Racer
Bugatti R-110 Military high speed reconnaisance plane
Bugatti R-200 modern sport aircraft 2 place turboprop
Bugatti R-210 Modern Air Racer
'June Bug's Dream' air racer
'Kreutzers Komet' air racer
'Kate's Lion' air racer
'Kate's Lion' II air racer

Type 35-C Compressuer Bugatti Grand Prix sports car
Type 57SC Bugatti Atlantique sports coupe'

A detailed vintage air racing field with grassy runway and vintage hangers,
pylons, static aircraft, static vehicles, trees, etc.

The Family Bugatti estate mantion located 8 miles south of the airfield.

A detail military adventure with a complete and detailed Komet airbase for the
R-110 Interceptor

The scenery source files for easily placing these scenery objects such as
hangers, cars, planes, etc, in other locations in FS.

The Gmax source files for making your own variations of vintage air racers.

Paint kits of the various textures of these aircraft for making your own
customizable air racer.
Web Links on Bugatti
Lionheart Creations Limited
Industrial and Vehicular Design
Lionheart Creations Ltd. are also working on the possibilities of gifts and apparel for Bugatti
air-racer enthusiasts, such as coffee mugs and leather flight jackets with the Bugatti aircraft on
them.  It is a very awesome aircraft and I would like to make it available to others in ways in
which I too would appreciate.
I am a follower of the Awesome Messiah,
Jesus Christ and a humble servant of the
most high God.