Cessna AW
by Lionheart
Creations Ltd.
The first creation of Clyde Cessna, the Kansas born aviation enthusiast and pioneer turned aeronautical
engineer and pilot, this was his first model, the Model A Cessna that would try his new vision of the
practicality of mono-wings and a venture to put America into affordable aircraft.
*  UPDATE!!!
New from the design studios of Lionheart Creations Ltd. is the Cessna Executive.

This 'third' version of the Cessna Model 'A' line is a variant with some new details.  

First off, she sports the thin early era tires, but now features a steering tail wheel instead
of tail skid.  She is equipped with the Warner Scarab radial powerplant, but equipped with
the nose fairing and spinner too.

With the new 'Executive', you have a new panel that is krinkle painted Aluminum, a new
instrumentation arangement with a gyro-magnetic compass for easier navigation, and a
radio system with radio aerial.  Some new variations in interior treatments including white
seats in a black interior, and a red interior in a black version Cessna AW.  You will now also
find a landing light that retracts just out past the Pitot tube on the LH wing.

The latest addition to the pack is your overnight camping gear.  You are equipped with a
warm blanket for the ground, a cool picnic basket filled with cheese, French bread, some
wine from the south of France, and a nifty tent canvas that you can throw over the top of
the wing and stake down for a cool tent.  This will save you some money on your trip to the
famed Oshkosh airshow at Wittman field.

You have your Rollerei camera, your camping kit, your new executive Cessna, and money for
fuel and food.  Have fun and good flying!
This Lionheart Creations package now features 3 versions of the famed Cessna AW, known in
the era as the A model.

In this package you are equipped with the Warner Scarab model which was actually the famous
AW version, and the Anzanni powered radial version that had a nicely mounted nose cone shroud
over the prop hub.

Likewise, a wooden prop comes with the Anzanni model while an 'ground adjustable' metal prop,
(a coveted option in the days of old), is mounted on the Scarab AW model.

The third and most recent variant of the Model A line is the thin tall wheels version with steerable
tail wheel, the Warner Scarab model that is now fitted with a spinner and nose cone surround,
new instrument panel in krinkle black, a newer ASI in knots rather then MPH, a new 'white'
exterior, a set of new interior colors with one in red leather and another in two tone white/aqua.  
There is also a tent on this model only that pops up with Wingfold command.  The tent drapes
over the wing and contains a nice little blanket and picnic accessories including some bottles of
good French wine, some French bread, and a block of cheese.  All you need for a 3 day jaunt
across the land.  :)

Your pilot is outfitted in 'era' Zoot threads and a sporting cap!  You just got a new set of
Goodyear tires for you new bird.  Its time to take a trip and see the world.  You luckily have a
vacation coming up and you've always wanted to see Oshkosh!
CD Purchase
If for any reason you would wish to obtain the
Cessna AW on CD, this can be made available.  
Lionheart creations would create the CD for $9.95
and charge a $3.95 flat shipping fee for shipment of
the disc world wide including the United Kingdom,
South Africa, and New Zealand.

The software 'is' freeware to the public, (and is a
mere 16 megs), but there are demands for odd
reasons for discs and I would like to make this thus
available to those who need them delivered in such a

The CD includes all three variants of the famed
radial powered mono-plane as well as the paint kits
in PSD Photoshop format.
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