Aerial Defense Platform
This is a concept for an air born aircraft carrier of which would
house a squadron of jet defense fighters that could be launched out of
the underside from internal hangers.

These are scenery packs and come with their XML source files so that
one may put these floating carriers any where they wish in the FS Sim
Note that some of these carriers, as in the photos on the top, are at
high altitude, (70,000 feet).  It is a bit time consuming, even in the
F136 Orbital Interceptor, to get to the platform at record speed
vertical climbs.  Even rolling off the deck and going into a vertical
unpowered dive from 70,000 feet can take a bit of a while.  

With the platforms closer to the ground, you get a better idea of how
massive these things truly are.
These are previews to the soon to be released airborn
carrier platform.  In these screenshots are the F136
Orbital Interceptor, which can be downloaded from  Please install the update pack for it.
Concepts are copyright and
property of William Ortis,
Lionheart Creations Ltd.