The streamlined, modernistic
Diamond Star DA40 XLS  Build 2.0
New from the studios of Lionheart Creations comes another sleek and fluid styled
beauty, the high tech, shapely
, Diamond Star DA40 'XLS' Edition by Diamond Star
aircraft Corporation

This flight simulation model package comes with 6 different aircraft registries with
variations of interiors, animated pilot, full detail and animated VC cabin, which also
sports a brilliant 'soft lit' interior for great night flights. Also featured is the Garmin
G1000 glass panel instrument system with revised, new high detail bazels and
featuring the built in version Auto Pilot system 'in' the G1000 MFD unit.

To top off the list, this complete, new package also comes in full FSX 'and' Prepar3D
formats, with the dual FSX created model sets, new FSX technology
textures/materials that feature bloom, reflection qualities, new soft glare and
countless other new material capabilities. All textures in the FSX installer are full
DDS format.

For those that are student pilots and lovers of modern, new, fresh looking, sleek
General Aviation aircraft, this might be for you.
Known Bugs and Updates
These screenshots reveal the sophistication of the model level created, from the sculpted sleek lines
of the airframe to the the hundreds of parts within its interior.  Each part is 'made' and then mapped
with textures to give it a high realism appearance.
Virtual Cockpit and Instrument
Purchase Center
To redownload a PayPal purchase for the complete Build 2 version or
loss of files from a Hard Drive failure, go to this webpage form and fill
it out to request an additional download.
PayPal Reloads
Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a 2D panel included?  Or is this a Virtual Cockpit only plane?

Yes.  There is a 2D panel included.

Does this glass screen panel system take alot of memory and will it cause the package to run slow
on my computer?

No.  This Garmin system is very Sim friendly, using far less inner-systems, thus lowering the
amount of ram required to run it.

If I purchase through PayPal, can I get updates or reloads later in the future?

Yes.  PayPal allows you to fill out a Reload form.  That is submitted and a new link is emailed to
you.  Go 'here' to look up your past orders, select the one you wish to reload, and fill out the form.

How do we get updates?  Are they seperate downloads?

One would redownload their package from where they purchased the Epic LT at.  The updates
would be in the newest download package.  This would then reload 'all' updates automatically for
you.  Just remember to save any package additions such as repaints of new planes.

What if I purchase all of my Sim software from SimFlight or Computer Pilot?

These websites also handle the Lionheart Creations sim packages and will allow you to purchase
the Epic there, as well as future reloads when needed.
Creating the Diamond Star
Soft Glow Cabin
The paint kit for the DA40 is built into the
download.  You will find it labeled 'Paintkit'
in the aircraft's folder in FS or P3.
The Diamond DA40 package presently features the following;
*  High technology Garmin G1000 glass panel system with built in Auto Pilot.  These
have gauge code refinements, features such as wind direction, pattern entry selection,
enhanced frame rates performance, and many other features and upgrades.
*  New sound system that features clickable 'audible' sounds in the cabin area
*  FSX and Prepar3D 'pure' models and textures for both simulators
*  Fully animated control surfaces
*  Wing Flex, where the wings slowly bend upwards as you increase airspeed
*  Wing vibration when the engine is running
*  Soft glow interior cabin/cockpit illumination, mimicking soft lit overhead lighting
*  Fold down rear seats, click to flip down, as like the actual aircraft for added storage
*  Smooth cabin modelling
*  High resolution textures for extreme detail of interior, panel, and fuselage
*  Animated pilot that feature 'roaming sight'
*  6 Different paint schemes
*  Removeable / Hide-able wheel skirts
Paint Kit
Click here to go to Diamond Aircraft website.  There you can read
through their many model releases as well as download some extremely
well done screenshots from their gallery section.  These make brilliant
computer wallpaper.
Please remember to always come back to see if there are updates.  
Lionheart Creations continuously release updates and will
occasionally add new additions to packages, ranging from
instrumentation to paintschemes to mesh improvements.
Package Features
Shown with dome light off and instrumentation on.  A soft glow from all instruments that
have illumination appears with a realistic resemblance, having a slightly shaded edge to each
gauge and screen.  Even the rocker switches are illuminated.
The Actual Diamond Star
Some great photos of actual
Diamond Star DA40 aircraft.
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Factory Authorized
Matthew 19:26
The cockpit of the Diamond Star DA40 has been modeled with extreme attention to accuracy.  
From the panel, to each gauge, to the bazels of the Garmin system to each engine control
knob and also the sophisticated rudder pedals.
The CRS knob, when being adjusted with mouse wheel will cause the 'HDG'
adjustment to move instead, but only with 'decrement' (left turning) input.  Its a FS
core bug, something that is flawed in the gauge code.  If it can be fixed in the near
future, it will be in an update.  
We have created a brilliant operations
manual for this aircraft and welcome you to
check it out and paruse its pages.  Its in PDF
format and features tons of screenshots and
diagrams to simplify your learning the ins
and outs of this feature-rich aircraft
package.  Download
Pilots Manual
Build 2.0 Updates
New updates to the Diamond DA40 by LHC include;
* Reconfigured Plexi material that isnt as milky looking outside, but more gray tinted
* Reconfigured plexi on the 'interior' has less reflections for more visibility
* Airfiles retuned for V2 Rotation at 59 knots
* Propeller discs resized on model to more appropriate scaled diameter
* Soundpack is new and re-tuned with a nice sharp prop sound on the exterior with a slightly muted
interior sound level like one would have with headphones on.