F-136 Orbital Defense
Interceptor: circa 2014
By William Ortis; Lionheart Creations Ltd.
Click on the phots with red crosses to see a bigger screen shot.
It is the year 2014 and the United States of America has publicly introduced their newest
edition to their aerial defense team in the Air Forces folds of fighter and interceptor
aircraft.  This is the newest, top of the line orbital capable defense interceptor code named
'Sling Shot', after the weapon of the Shepard boy that downed the mighty Goliath.

This new aircraft would feature fan jet/rocket hybrid engines, a new environment friendly
fuel source, Hyper Mach capabilities for 'Sling Shot' deployment into Earth orbit, defensive
payload capabilities, passenger cockpit options, space platform docking capabilities with
most universal docks, and multi orbit capabilities with economy orbital insertions.  Its
defense packages would include the air to air ICBM Missile Laser.  Its payloads can be
switched to cargo and supply for the various space platform stations as well..

This vehicle also sports a the latest technology 'Smart Mirror Viewpoint Invisibility'
technologies where one sees 'on' the skin of the hull a mirrored image of whats behind the
vehicle, thus in some instances rendering this aircraft virtually invisible.

This will be one of the only aircraft in which, if you do a run up and high idle the engines
before getting on the runway, you will wind up in another state!
From the top, you can see that the hull is designed
from projectiles capable of unimaginable speeds from
the magnetic cannon projects.
The side view would almost cause someone to think
that this bird did not originate from this world.
Here one can note the retracting wings that slide out
from behind the leading edges of the projectile like
lifting body.  They have several positions and function
for slow flight and maximum flight manuvering
Here the pilot is taking the high speed elevator to the
top floor.  Note the gold tinted perspex and the
variable opening (functioning) air intakes for the
hybrid engines.
High over the state of Washington, the F-136 is
rocketing along.  All control surfaces have been
retracted into the hull of the vehicle and at proper
altitude, she will make transition to Hyper Mach at
an angle in which to sling her into Earth orbit where
her hybrid engines change to rocket mode for final
orbital insertion and park orbit.
This is the F-136 high over Earth where the sky is
getting a bit 'blackish'.  The fins have been deployed
in this screen shot.
This is a superb shot of the top of the hull.  The fins
have been set to minimum deployment for extreme
tactical manuvering while still at high speed flight.  
A foggy morning, taxing out to the runway.  Notice the
intake slots that are slightly opened.  These are tied
into the throttle and open with 'more' throttle given to
the mighty hybrid engines.
Here the Sling Shot is descending back down through
the upper altitudes of upper atmosphere.  Imagine
calling in to ATC requesting descent to Flight Level
80,000 feet!
Tucking her long legs in takes a moment and some
turning and manuvering of the landing gear.  The main
gear must rotate to clear the hybrid engine ducting to
the vectored thrust structures.
Here shown is the feature called 'tie down mode'
where the pitot tubes are covered with 'Remove
Before Flight' flags, wheels chaulked.  These features
are activated via the 'Wing Fold' command.
When the top hatch is opened, the refueling
receptacle access wells are also opened up which also
feature power charging couplers, computer access
connection terminals, etc.  
Note the top hatch opens straight up slightly then
slides back like a sunroof.  In slow flight such as
approaches, this hatch can be opened without
disrupting the vehicle.
In this screen shot where the 'tie down mode' is
activated via the 'Wing Fold' command, there is a
ladder fitted to the port side surface of the lifting
body.  Note also the bombay compartment doors
open.  These are opened via the 'Shift/E/2' command
for 'cargo doors'.
This is a classic shot.  Here the F-136 is climbing out
already high over the Earth, shortly to begin setting
up for transition into Sling Shot mode and go into
space flight.

Note the 'new logo' design of the United States Air
Force star comprising 5 triangles in a circle.  The font
is a little radical as well.  Hey, its the future, we can!  
In this screen shot, the thrust vectoring elevator
structures are being 'rotated' through there
movement.  The end caps of the fins are the exhaust
tunnels direct from the hybrid engines.  These
structures are still functional as elevators 'without'
engine thrust, thus the sleek craft can still make it
back to solid ground as a glider.
This is the visual 'stealth' mode of the Sling Shots hull
capability to 'mirror' through technological advancements the
viewpoint of what is behind the crafts hull.  'Viewpoint Smart
Mirror Invisibility Camouflage' has been in the works for some
time now.  By the year 2014, it should be a very affordable and
reliable form of 'visual' invisibility.  The only way one could truly
see such a cloaked craft is by the shimmering edges where
the radius' of the hull fall away, though on good conditions, one
might literally walk into one sitting quietly cloaked on the

Note that in Flight Simulator, this feature is activated via the
'/' key, or Spoilers command, causing the entire craft to
transform into a mirror like transfigured shape.  (It was the
best I could do.  I tried to make it semi transluscent, but the
engines and cabin and such were visible within).
This is being designed for and with Flight Simulator FS2002 and FS2004.  It
carries many functions in the simulation to mimick the actual jet spacecraft
concept vehicle.

Features include; Deploying fins for slow flight and flight traffic ingress into
standard military and public airfields, closing turbine intake tunnels/doors
for transition to rocket mode, deploying fuel nozzles for Hyper Mach wherein
Sling Shot is 'launched' into orbit/space flight, functioning 'Smart Mirror'
invisibility camouflage for the flight simulator bird, opening 'ordinance
payload doors' for defense armament, functioning spoilerons, Virtual Cockpit
with features such as 3D synthetic GPS navigation system and advanced
vehicle monitoring panels.

The model will feature the NATO versions for the British Royal Air Corps,
Canadian Royal Air Corps, and the Israeli Air Force.  The United States sees
the need for good allies to be well defended.  Thus such forces would recieve
units of 3 F-136's, which would also aid in the advancement of daily space
flights and training for astronaughts via the soon to be released models of
low orbit airliners designed for space platform docking and civilian flight

This concept is property of and copyrighted by William Ortis, Lionheart
Creations Ltd.  This simulation will be for expositional use as a public thesis
of the design in which one may see what such a craft would perform like.
Lionheart Creations
Industrial and Vehicular Design
Post notes;

I have been working on this concept for several years now.  It is somewhat based off of
the rumoured Aurora Borealis project that was published in Mechanics Illustrated almost
10 years ago.  It was said that the USAF Experimental jet was attaining speeds of Mach
12 to Mach 16.  I believe this bird was flying at those speeds and that such technologies
are now old world and that the next step is space flight, and with that, I am sure we
already have some of 'those' flying.  (Mind you, they dont 'really' exist, as they are secret).

It was some of my thoughts during this study to come up with a fuel for such a craft that
would be inexpensively attained via synthetics from home grown organic hybrid designed
plants, where through moderate chemical manipulation, would result in fuels far superior
to what we are running now, except that the 'future dream fuel' would not effect the
environment harmfully, nor cause any side effects what so ever to human life.  

Its time we quit investing in terrorism through the purchase of arabic fuels and make a
better fuel for a peaceful world through technology and hybrid plant life synthetics and a
strong defensive posture.

God bless and may the Lord shield us from terrorism.

William Ortis,
Lionheart Creations Ltd.