Fairchild 24 R with Ranger Engine
This is the Fairchild 24R I did from factory drawings for Flight Simulator.  I had
originally created the first edition in FSDS2.  Upon later learning the elaborate 3D
design engine 'Gmax', I converted her over and redid a large percentage of her parts.  
The conversion had shrapnelled the model, requiring extensive rebuilding.  In the end, it
was a far nicer model with many refinements throughout.  
This is my dads plane, which as of today is still being flown.  Registry N77691 was a fine lady and
was featured in at least one magazine during dads ownership in which he did competition flying at
flyins.  He rebuilt her with the help of mom and his friends at the San Diego EAA near Balboa Park.
This is one of several repaints that Leon Louis did of
the Fairchild series.  I loved this one the most with
the antique cream white on black making her look
rare and classic.
This is a red Fairchild 24 R in front of one of Bill
Lyons fantastic scenery designs that come with his
Stinson package, which I highly recommend.
Off into the sunset.  The graphics of FS2004 are
simply amazing.  I have actually begun doing a lot of
sim photography.
Here is a 24R sitting at the airfield in the German
airport Fuecten which is a superb scenery add-on.
Here, as you can see from the screen shots, the
various doors and cowl open as well as retracting
landing lights that come down out of the wing.  The
White on Red paint scheme really made the
Fairchild look like a sport plane.
This is the beauty of using 'Active Camera'.  You can
take the neatest photos of your plane from close
by.  Here, in VC mode, I have navigated out and back
for some good shot angles.
Cutting the fog high over San Diego.  It will be a
challenge to find Montgomery field through this.  I
love active weather in FS.
There is something about the Green on White paint
scheme that reminds me of a classic Chevy Belaire.  
Here is '691 leveled off and trimmed out and set on
Here are some real Fairchild classic shots.  They
were actually a very large bird.
This is my dads old plane which he has since sold.  He found it
rotting away at an airfield in San Diego and ended up restoring it
in the garage and it became a popular site at fly-in's.  It was in a
magazine at one point where dad had taken some trophies in a
competition with her.
This is actually the photo I was able to doctor and convert to
the panel for the Flight Simulator Fairchild 2D panel.  It took a
while of challenging artful tactics in Adobe Photoshop, but it
became completed.
Nice example of a Fairchild 24.  Must be nice, kicking back in
the grass under the wing, taking in the day.  Life is good.
Here are some kind reviews of the Fairchild 24