Falcon Concept Helicopter
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Click on any photo to see a larger verison of it.
These are the latest shots of the newly released Falcon twin turbine helo.  
They were released on Cinco de Mayo in 2004, shipping with 3 diffrent
textures.  The landing gear, and 4 diffrent doors both within and without
funtion with animation.  I was incredibly impressed with the awesome
capabilities that Gmax could handle for what I wanted, which was for doors
to 'disappear' after closing, and incredibly aerodynamic fluid shape sculpture
in a 3D program.
The Falcon showing off over
Seatle, looking quite the biz.
Going into a hover with the
power of two turbines is quick.  
Just after takeoff, one pulls the
gear up and the doors seem to
Landing upon a sky scraper in
beautiful downtown Seatle.
The wild lines of the Falcon when
she is in flight at full forward are
a bit agressive looking.  She does
have a slight look of a fish such
as a Dolphin.
Flying about the awesome
architecture of Seatle with the
beautiful reflections in the
Falcons skin doing a bit of a dance.
These prototype concepts are  copyright by William Ortis,  Lionheart
Creations Ltd.