Passenger Interior
Cargo Interior
The 'Bremen' model does not feature Cargo in its
hold.  This was a long distance aircraft that featured
long range fuel tanks.
These are some screenshots of the 'Airliner' passenger model.  The actual Junkers were fitted with 4
to 6 seats in the aft cabin area and often luxuriosly appointed with the rich styling elements of the
1920's and 1930's, which included high dollar fabrics.

In this Junkers collection, by selecting Spoiler key ( using the / key), you have two passengers that
appear, a gentleman and a lady.  The female spends her time looking around out the window, as she
is animated.

Note also, that some of the interiors will differ from others, including the dress and hair color of the
lady passenger.  

Note also the wild luggage of that era.  Lionheart Creations was able to find genuine photographs of
some of the luggage of that time and modelled the luggage models directly from the photos and then
mapped the photos directly onto the luggage.  The European hotel decals are also genuine and were
added to the photographs.
This is the Cargo plane interior.  Note in these screenshots that it is empty.  When
you click the Spoiler key, (use the / key), the rear cargo hold fills with cargo,
strapped down and ready to go.

Also note that when you shut down the engine, the cargo appears on the ground
beside the plane, displaying every single case and crate that was actually in the
cargo hold, giving you a hint as to how much these planes could truly hold.