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Dual FSX and FS2004
Installer Package
Lionheart Creations has 2 forms of purchase systems for your
convinience.  We accept PayPal and also work with the well known
Flight1 wrapper system.  Please select the type that you wish, as
well as your FlightSim platform of choice.

Because these are formatted in FS9 compiler technologies, the
aircraft models will function in both FSX and FS9, allowing you to
manually install into the other version of simulator so that you can
have the Junkers W Series in 'both' simulators if you fly in both of

These can also be flown in the famous Bill Lyons 'Classic Wings'
and also in 'Silver Wings' flight simulators.
The Junkers W Series is no longer FSX supported.  Please check back
soon as to when it will be modified to FSX.
Build 1.04, updated 2:07 PM,
September 4th, 2007

Size of download; 231 Megs
Because FSX SP1 repaired the ability to run FS9 based planes
in FSX, and then SP2 took that capacity back out, FSX is now no
longer supported at the present time.
This is an intro movie created by Keith Gievans at
Sim Flyer, the elite group that create addon avionics
for the flight simulation world.