New paint schemes
including factory orange
and the famous MAF,
(Missionary Aviation
Fellowship), in red, white,
and blue.
New popup control consoles;
Throttle ECU, Fuel Selector Cutoff
Center, and Switches Panel.
A 2D Panel is featured
with the Kodiak package.  
This incorporates the
switch console from
below as well as the
S-Tec 5-50X Auto Pilot.
New to the Kodiak Build-2
package is the factory
power pedestal center
console.  This features
animated levers and trim
wheel, 3D circuit breaker
buttons, and night
The new, high detail
Virtual Cockpit now
features a very 'high
realism' panel that was
painstakingly re-created
virtually from high
resolution photographs
from the factory.  System
features a new, low
resource useage Garmin
screen system, and hide
away control yokes.
The overhead console features the
8 position, adjustable sun visors,
fuel selector cut-off levers, the
lights and airvents console, and
seat belt overhead release levers.

No Updates Required.

Fixes to Build version 2.6
*  Garmin G1000 Graphics update to the Garmin bazel graphics along top right edge, refined
*  Garmin G1000 now has;
1.  Parking Brakes in Announcement / Annunciator section
2.  Water Rudder in Announcement / Annunciator section
3.  Gear Up 'Amphib' mode  in Announcement / Annunciator section
*  Over Torque effect in flight causing left hand pull and roll of aircraft when using extreme realism settings has
been deleted
*  Turbine Torque readout on ECIAS section of Garmin system now reads to redline (was only going to half way
*  New 2D panel has ratio corrected graphics and Garmins.  We found that a very few computers could not
handle the slightly 'out of ratio' of the Garmins gauges, causing some CTD's.  The panel graphics were redone to
accommodate the taller ratio of the Garmins and is now properly sized.
(Note that the Bill Leaming 'wide screen' panels option is still in the package and you can easily 'activate' the 'ws'
panel by adding in the 'ws' into 'Panel' entry in the vairous aircraft Registry's at the top of the 'aircraft.cfg' file.
Available as a free download, this is the detailed
Quest Kodiak Flight Manual.  This will tell you most
everything about the aircraft package, from models,
to flying it, to the actual aircraft.  It is jam packed
with screenshots and diagrams but explained as
simple as possible.

This will continue to evolve as well.  You may wish
to check back soon to get an updated version.

Click screenshot of manual to download   --->
Latest release; Sept. 18th, 2009
This is an optional download for those with slower and
older computers and low performance laptop
computers.  This package is equipped with an
Auto-Installer, and will install 'low resolution' textures
into your Kodiak installation.

All FS2004 textures will be lowered to DXT3 'standard'
format (from 32bit High resolution).

All FSX Textures that are oversize (2048 pixels square)
will be lowered to stock 1024 size pixels.  The FSX
textures are already in stock DXT5  DDS format.

Download this package
This is the Paint Kit package for the new Build 2.0 Quest Kodiak.  These
are in Adobe Photoshop PSD layered format.

These feature;
* 2048 pixels size
* All Shading, Components, Base Layers, Stripes, Rivets, Panel lines
seperated by layers, but numbers of layers reduced for simplicity and ease
of painting.
* All layers labelled.
* Dirt, wear and tear, and weathering (3) are on seperate layers and can
be tuned with opacity.
* Seperate exhaust layer as well, tuneable, can be turned off
* Bump Maps included and in layers
* Fuselage Specular Alpha included
* 3 Exterior Textures include Yellow, Red, and Red Cross texture layers,
as well as base white
* Rivets layers can be turned off for FSX paint schemes (on for FS9 paint
schemes.. )
To redownload a PayPal purchase for the complete Build 2 version or loss of
files from a Hard Drive failure, go to this webpage form and fill it out to
request an additional download.
This Garmin system replicates the Garmins used in actual production Kodiaks, which use the S-Tec Five-Fifty X
series Auto Pilot.

The gauge codes for the Garmins have been totally overhauled and their performance has been upgraded with
some new innovations and enhancements, as well as graphics refinements.  

The MFD now features;
*  Slower refresh rates to enhance frame rates performance in Flight Simulator
*  DeClutter which can removed all rendered objects in the Map mode window down to only airports
*  Night Terrain mode which lowers rendering colors on the Map to only 2 colors
*  Map Sleep Mode which goes into 'zero-Map-rendering' mode, showing only the Garmin boot up screen.  This
final feature can be switched on (Map menu button, center bottom, on the MFD screen) and will boost your
frame rates even farther.
*  Exterior aircraft models (Spot Plane View Modes) now feature screen 'dummies', non functioning, non
continuous render screens that are mearly textures, which will enhance frame rates on Spot Plane modes also.

The PFD screen has been refined as well and now features added details and additional graphics.  The MFD now
has 'improved' menu systems, and non-black screen viewing, as like actual Garmin systems.
Question:  Does the Mindstar Garmin G1000 system work in the Quest Kodiak?
Answer:  No.  According to the owner of Mindstar, the Quest Kodiak has a different sized mapping platform
from the size of the Mindstar Garmin.  Our height/width ratio is also different, thus causing the MS Garmin to
not run properly.

Question:  Will this aircraft work on slower computers?
Answer:  Yes.  The Kodiak has a redesigned MFD GPS screen with slower refresh rates, a map 'sleep' mode,
and also has an optional auto-install Textures Performance Pack, which will bring the technical high realism level
down to 'stock' texture perameters, (like that of stock FS aircraft).  See below for the Textures Performance Pack

Question:  Can I install this over the older version of Kodiaks for FS?
Answer:  No.  You MUST delete the older version or you will see other versions of the older models mixed in
with the new platforms and textures.

Question:  Does the Kodiak still have the Scenery package adventures of the Villages and Missionary Flights?
Answer:  Yes and no.   FS2004 still has this, but it is no longer a built in feature.  FSX does 'not' have this
feature as the terrain and scenery village models do not function properly in FSX.  The maps and flights are no
longer in the package and integrated into the panel system.  But the maps and checklists are still in the Panel
folders for those that wish to fly the Missionary adventures.  We will soon be releasing various scenery and
Mission packages for those interested in doing Missionary flights.  These will be freeware addons added
additionally later.  Please check in to this webpage occasionally for more information on their releases.

Question:  I already have the Flight1 Kodiak.  Do I need to repurchase this?
Answer:  No.  If you already have the Kodiak (Build 1.0), then email with
your sales purchase number or sales info certificate and full name, and we can generate a key for you.  The
reason the key will not work on the new version of the Kodiak is a technical issue.  We are seeking to repair this.

Question:  I cannot get the sound to work.  Is there a sound pack in the Kodiak?  What is the problem?
Answer:  There is no sound pack in the Kodiak package.  The Kodiak package runs on the stock FS
Cessna Caravan sound file
to run.  If you remove this from your sim, it will cause the Kodiak to be
soundless.  But you can easily place a different aircraft sound folder of your choice into the Kodiak and Kodiak
Floatplane 'aircraft folders' and you will then have the sound of your choice.
Repaints:  The Quest Kodiak has 10 different models, and also feature 7 different paint schemes.  This gives
a person a possible 70 different aircraft in one package.  However, we did not 'wire' the aircraft registries for
'all' versions.   If for instance, you wish to have the 'Empty' model with a Coast Guard version exterior, simply
create a new registry section and add in the basic details to activate it.

[fltsim.0]        <---  Change this (number series next in line, add to bottom)
title=Kodiak Cargo Yellow             <--- Change this (name)
<--- Change this if needed (model type)
<--- Change this to desired paint scheme, (name of texture folder)
ui_manufacturer=Quest Kodiak
ui_type="Cargo Plane"          
<--- Make sure this is the right 'type' of model (model version)
ui_variation="Yellow Cargo Plane"          <--- Change this (name)

Float Plane:  
The Float version in FSX the Kodiak has a float issue due to a new bug in FSX.  This is caused
from the new FSX contact points for floats being too close to the landing gear, not spaced farther apart.  
Presently, the Kodiak is set as close to the 'middle' as possible, best location for both.
*  If you wish your Kodiak Amphibian to float better in the water, lower the pontoon (floats) forward contact
points, and bring them forward a bit.  This will also keep the Kodiak from appearing to nose over
occasionally.  However, this will cause sparks to appear more often on landings though when on the ground
*  If you wish your Kodiak to not have any sparks on the ground, then raise your float contact points up a
notch.  The floats will appear slightly underwater at times, but you will have no sparks when landing on the
This is a section of mods and and addons that you can add to your new Quest Kodiak for Flight Simulator.  
Everything from special effects landing lights to extreme detail Garmin G1000 systems.

* Lewis Landing Lights from A2A Gaming Studios for high realism landing lights like you have never
experienced before.

* Garmin G1000 high detail panel system by Don Kuhn at

* Expert repainting artist for custom Kodiak paint schemes; "Sean Doran"<>

* MegaScenery Earth by Custom photo real scenery generation for any area on Earth.
Here you may purchase the Quest Kodiak for FS via PayPal or by Flight1.  You can still get reloads later if a
computer mishap should occur, and also for redownloading the package when updates come out.  It is always
advisable to save the download Installer to a CD or another hard drive in case of emergencies.  Also be sure to
copy/paste all email 'reciepts' for your records and proof of purchase.

This package is also available at in Europe.

For those wishing to obtain a CD hard copy of this package, SimMarket have this service available for an extra
amount.  Please contact them directly concerning this option.
This is the incredible new Quest Kodiak by Quest Aircraft Corporation in Sandpoint Idaho.  This is a
turboprop powered 10 passenger, high endurance bush plane designed for all the elements of the world.  
Featuring STOL capabilities, a rugged landing gear and airframe, a new dual wingfoil design, and a large
clamshell style door for uploading cargo and passengers more easily.

This unique, high tech bush plane comes equipped with the state of the art Garmin G1000 panel system
linked with the modern S-Tec Five-Fifty X Auto Pilot system.  The Flight Sim version of the Kodiak
features a low resources MFD GPS panel system that is designed to use less computer power to render
the map, and also can be turned off into 'sleep mode' for added frame rate performance.

This package is a high detail Flight Sim addon and features 10 models and 7 different texture packs and
liveries.  This features a fully decked out Rescue Air-Ambulance version, passenger model, and a 'filled to
the top' Cargo plane.  Each model comes with an optional Belly Pod, and also 3 versions of Amphibious
float planes, one of each of the base models, (Rescue, Passenger, and Cargo).

This newest 'Build 2.00' has been totally rebuilt and features an all new instrument panel system, faster
Garmin system, high resolution texture packs, more refined parts meshes, extreme detail with super small
parts being shown, and now also includes a fully FSX 'pure' model version complete with DDS DXT5
format textures, FSX models, and 3 dimensional bump mapping, showing all rivets and panel lines in a
3D high realism view.

Lastly, this also features a 'High Performance Texture Pack' with an auto-installer that loads a set of
textures that are all 'standard resolution'.  This is for those who might have slower computers or less
powerful laptop comptuers.
Please note, the Amazon 7 Village scenery is no longer fully supported and is not (not) included in the FSX
version of this package.   Saved FS2004 flights for the Adventures are no longer in this package.  The maps
are included in the Panel folders only.
*  Fully Animated control surfaces and landing gear, all three doors, with the cargo clamshell door having flip out
*  Animated exterior model pilot with roaming head animations
*  New high detail panel with extreme care taken to exactly duplicate the actual Kodiak instrument panel
*  New, refined, high performance glass screen "Garmin G1000" system with optional 'sleep mode' in the MFD
*  New high detail manual that will 'evolve' with the aircraft
*  Rebuild cabin with high detail textures, details, refined object mesh.  Doors now open fully forward, bush style.
*  New 'composite style' Amphibian floats featuring retractable gear and new lower hull design as like the factory
*  Air Ambulance Rescue model that features a patient in the gurney, animated IV bottles, and tons of equipment
and supplies
*  Passenger version with new production model seat designs, and an optional leather seat package as well
*  High detail center power console with all features in 3D with high resolution texturing
*  8 Position (each) sun visors, actuated seperately, semi transparent, can swivel sideways
*  Multiple (3) interior lighting elements; Rear Cabin Domelights, Front Cockpit Dome light, Instrumentation and
cabin soft glow.
*  New full and pure FSX version Kodiak, featuring FSX models and materials, bump mapping, and DDS DXT5
*  High Performance Texture Pack 'optional' download with auto-installer for those with slower computers
*  Redeveloped airfile set with a nice 'flairing' ability now to bring your Kodiak in 'main gear' first on rough terrain
*  New textures include Red, Orange, and the Red White and Blue 'Missionary Aviation Fellowship' paint scheme
*  Sky Door switch that hides the rear clam shell door assembly to replicate a Sky Diver variant Kodiak
High Resolution (EXTREME) Panel Textures for FSX

This will upgrade your instrument panel resolution for the FSX Edition
of the Quest Kodiak, making them double size.

These are in DDS DXT5 format and are 2048 pixels square.  The
download is 1.4 megs.  You can download them
here;  To install,
simply drop the two DDS files into 'both' the Kodiak/'textures' folder
and Kodiak Floatplane 'textures' folder (texture folder in 'each' of the 2
Kodiak aircraft folders in FSX).

This 'will not' improve frame rates.  This will improve resolution of
the font lettering on the instrument panels, and may lessen your
computer performance at least 1 frame rate.

Many have requested this, and so it is now available.

The FS2004 version is already in 32bit High Resolution.
Factory Authorized
Screenshots by Robert Rivera
Startup Issues on some computers and on water.  This is a go around to ensure your plane starts up fine
without surging forward.  This is a known FSX issue with starting turboprops on the water.

1 Turn on battery and Avionics
2. Start fuel pump. check if fuel pressure is coming up
3. Cycle the Throttle, Prop and Condition levers from full forward to full back
4. Now this is the trick that did it..... Hit  the F2  key one quick tap, and only once.  If you hit it multiple times
or hold it down, when the engine starts, the aircraft will surge backwards.
5. Turn on the start and ignition switches.
6. Move the condition lever ( red knob) a tiny bit forward, if you use the mouse wheel  it should read no
more than 5%.  The prop will start turning when you do this, and the engine will start, without the aircraft
7 Once the engine starts and is running you can then move the power lever forward to around 20-40% and
the aircraft will remain stationary.

Many thanks to Bob Cardone for this great information.