Born in the 1960's, this was the jet that would
change the future of flying for executives, a
new form of transportation that was extremely
fast and affordable to the elite.  These jets
were born from the Swiss P-16 fighter
bomber concept jet.  William Lear purchased
the design and converted it into a sleek
business jet.  This ultra-fast plane is capable
of going into overspeed on a single engine.  
One incredibly powerful, fast, sleek, yet
beautiful and inspiring jet, even today, far into
the future.

This aircraft package is designed for FSX
and Prepar3D Flight Simulators.  (This will not
work in X-Plane).

Please note, this is an exotic addon package
with much software coding and extreme
(radical resolution) graphics.  The intensity of
resources needed might be too high on older,
slower computers.  Please make sure you
can run a high end addon aircraft on your
computer 'before' you purchase this plane.

NOTE:  You will need internet access for
installation of this aircraft.  Must....
For Flight Simulator X and
Prepar3D Flight Simulators
The Lionheart Creations LJ24B is packaed full of neat features.  From its rare fuel system with transfer controls, to its
riveted airframe skins, to its elaborate instrument panel crammed full with instrumentation and switches, to its nice,
leather clad rear cabin complete with either passengers or air freight.

The following are some of the features of the LHC LJ24B;
*  Ultra high resolution 4096 Graphics on exterior and some interior textures
*  Super detailed instrument panel with almost all gauges operational
*  New code technology feature hold down starter switches that flip upwards after startup for 'generator' charge mode
*  High detail interior features 3DS Max shading technology for subtle shading and highlights
*  Illuminated instrumentation and night glow panel from hood lights
*  Rear and forward cabin dome lights are on separate circuits, and the panel is also on its own light circuit switch as
*  Hide-able high detail passengers in rear cabin
*  Air Freight version LJ24B with cargo that can be hidden
*  8 Paint schemes with various interior themes including a run hard Freighter, an original White with Red stripes factory
variant with 1970's interior including shag carpet, and beautifully restored, updated, high end variants with modern
interior treatments such as suede.
*  Engines illuminate with a nice glow in the back exhaust stacks and vary in brightness per engine load
*  Autopilot System that featured on/off ALT, HDG, NAV/LOC and APP settings (early age of Autopilot systems)
*  Hide-able yoke to allow you to see instruments and switches that would otherwise be hidden.
*  Airfiles created by famed Wayne Tudor
*  Engines cough a flame and puff of smoke on start up
*  Spoilers cause a plume of vapor trail when extended at good speed
*  Numerous alarm sounds for 'gear up', 'engine fire', 'overspeed', and many more 'events'.
Due to high request, we have created a 2D panel as well as 2D
popup sub-panels, such as Electrical System and Engines,
Audio Panel, Fuel Management Panel and other popups.  The
LJ24B features the stock FS GPS system as the LJ24B was
before the time of actual GPS systems.
The very tricky Fuel Management Panel of the LJ24B.  Notorius
and slightly sophisticated, this jet features an actual, controlable
wingtank fuel dumping system.  The fuel system is quite different
from normal aircraft and requires observing fuel drain and
transferring of fuel from the fuselage tanks to the wing tanks.  
Remember, you cannot land with full wing tip tanks.  
The LHC Standard 'Parking Mode' which an this aircraft features
wheel chauks, turbine engine covers, front perspex reflective
cover, and cabin window shades.  Pitot cover flags are also
features in this mode.  Accessed by a hidden switch on the
instrument panel.
A new system dreamed up by Bill Ortis to help new pilots of this
plane become familiar with the locations of primary controls of
importance on this plane, we have incorporated a Popup Bubble
Placcards system.  Click a hidden button on the top left of the
panel hood annunciator and these popup, showing you where
key switches and controls are located.
2D Panels and Popups
The infamous Learjet Fuel Management Panel
Parking Mode
Bubble Popup Placcards for the beginner pilot
For backup CD's of the package, you may request the CD service at SimMarket when
making the purchase through their website.
FlightSimStore, Australia
Request new download for updates;
LHC LJ24B Series
LHC LJ24B Series
LHC LJ24B Series
LHC LJ24B Series
PC Aviator, Australia
LHC LJ24B Series
WARNING:  This package is 500 megs in size to download.  That is 1/2 Gigabytes.  This is
massive.  If you have a slow download service, you may have to have it downloaded at a
business office supply center or University library with high speed internet.  You can also
order CD's from SimMarket.
$34.95 USD
$34.95 USD
$34.95 USD
$34.95 USD
An online owners manual which you can access with tablets and smart phones while in flight in FS / P3D
BUG REPORT:  Spoiler Switch in FSX reported not to be working; September 4th.  Added to the
Updates List and will be rectified with updates release 1.1.  Please keep an eye out on our Lear
Webpage (here) for update releases.  (This bug does not exist in P3D).
These are the 4 exterior PSD layered format texture files.  These have many layers
in them and are the textures for the paint variant; N700M with different shades of
beige and light gold.  

These were done in Photoshop CS6.

There are separate layers for Ambient Occlusion maps, shadings, mottlings, etc,
etc, making this a very easy kit to work with.  Basically find the 'base coat' layer
near the bottom and copy that layer and start making your paint scheme.

Interiors are special request only and might take 2 days to upload.  Please make
requests for your interior PSD files and specify which plane you want that the
interior is from and that can be uploaded to a holding site for you to download.  
Make requests
BUG REPORT:  The Learjet has an issue with several Annunciator Lights from the main Annunciator
panel (on the hood over the instrument panel) that become partially discolored, like a filter is over them.  
This is an intermittent issue that sometimes doesnt show and doesnt appear until  later in the flight.  We
have tried to cure this issue for 3 months now and have found no way to fix it.  When a way is
discovered, we will post the fix.  Thank you for your patience...
NOTICE:  You 'CANNOT' start up the Learjet........    if you use another planes 'cold and dark' file to start
in.  It will NOT work.  Remember this.  If your autopilot isnt working, if radios arent working, if an engine
stalls out when the tip tank empties, if one engine will not start, if one engine is burning fuel faster then
another, then this is why.

Start up the sim in a 'running' aircraft.  FSX has the ultralight, and P3D has the F22.  Start in one of
those, switch into the LJ24B, then go to the area you want, shut everything down, wait till RPM of the
turbines is at zero, then 'save' for a Learjet 'cold and dark'.

I have recieved countless emails from upset people because of this.  I noted in the manuals, the
clipboard, in the popup 'do not use another planes cold and dark save point' and still people are doing
this.  Create a running flight, go into the Lear, 'then' save while in the Lear, all systems off.  That is the
The LHC LJ24B will not work correctly in DX10 mode in FSX.  I do not know why.  None of my planes
ever have, even though I use the correct SDK.  I wish they did.  If you use the LJ24B in FSX in DX10
mode, expect to see odd things happening, such as swirling odd reflections in the perspex inside VC
mode, effects like the engine floating outside the nacelle, etc, etc.
Build 1.1 Update is out!  This is a 'Update' installer.  Allow this to run and overwrite the LJ24B files.  Only
particular files will be overwritten.  Do not uninstall the LJ24 to do this.  This will modify your existing
files.  Click the icon on the left to begin download.
*  Weather Radar face in VC is now mapped as a $pan gauge assembly so you can install a weather
radar gauge 'over' the face assembly.  And, this features a flip-able face set that includes a Garmin
G500 GPS in 3D model structure, functioning, as well as a 'blank' face plate complete with night
mapping glow for any gauge you would like to place there.  Rotate through the face plates via the round,
black 'Aux Inverter' knob just to the right of the Weather Radar.
*  Autopilot coding and switches now feature 'Past Manager Cancellation'.  If you click on NAV and you
were in HDG, HDG is cancelled out.  This keeps the Autopilot from freezing from having multiple
'manager' systems running.
*  Light map attached to the N-number plaque in the VC
*  Logic modified to 'Low Fuel' alarm if you refuel inflight, (transfer)
*  Lights on Fuel Manager panel now turn off with Batteries
*  Strange purple thing in back of rear cabin under a seat has been irradicated
*  Engine temps adjusted to proper redlines and running temp ranges with 720C being redline.  
'Realism Mode' adjusted for higher temp rangers.
*  Secondary Beacon added to top of the Rudder structure
*  Wind Drag on Landing Gear assembly 'increased'
*  Smoking 'cooked' engine effects taken out of the 'lights' section due  to people using 'L' key to turn on
all lights.
*  Edit to Kneeboard Reference Card; Max. Mach should be .87, not .77.  Repaired.

Not Modified....................................

**  Engine RPM remains the same
**  Engine thrust settings remain the same.  The aircraft was very powerful and climbed out at 6,000
FPM if needed and could overspeed on one engine.  Lowering the thrust will cause the aircraft not to
be able to cruise at proper speed at ceiling; FL 450.  You 'can' modify thrust settings manually in the
'aircraft.cfg' if you wish.
**  Gray edges on Annunciator lights panel is still there.  We cannot trace the source of what is causing
Due to popular request, the non-functioning Weather Radar is
now a 3 way flip-able face system; featuring the Weather Radar
that is now premapped in a $pan gauge texture for future fitting
of a weather radar system.  Second face is a working, 3D model
structure of a Garmin GPS 500 screen unit, and the third face
unit is a optional bonus 'blank' plate that is also $pan mapped so
that you can install any gauge you like on that face area.  These
utilize new sections in the panel config; VC4, VC5, and VC6.  
They also have predone light maps, with VC6 'Blank' already
mapped with a soft glow for your gauge that you might install in
this area.

To flip through these gauge face options, click on the round,
black dummy 'AUX INVERTER' knob.

This is part of Build V1.1, released September 11, 2014
Weather Radar Face With Optional 3 Version Faces
These are saved flight files with two different LJ24B Lears that will enable you to start up 'cold' without
issues brought over by other planes cold and dark save points.  Drop these into your 'My Documents/FS
files folder.
*  My Documents / Flight Simulator X Files
*  My Documents / Prepar3D v2 Files
Look for the saved Learjet saved flights with the word 'Pure' in the titles.
**  You can move the Learjet to a new location from these save points, change the time and weather and
save there also.
***  ALWAYS REMEMBER:  Create 'fresh and pure' cold states with your new planes, no matter who
makes them.  Each plane must be fully running 'before' being shut down or you inherit starting issues with

Lionheart Creations Custom Addon Themepacks
This is a fictional theme pack of a Weiss Global Logistics 'quick runner' used for fast
missions concerning business errands around the country that need personal attention.  
Weiss Global Logistics is a small airline firm that also run freight internationally using small
and large jets.  This is one of the personal executive runners.

Features interior and exterior theme pack attention, based on Lotus Racings old colors of
British Racing Green (BRG) and gold (yellow).  This jet was recently painted again with
newer stripes and the interior redone as well with cream and green colors of fabrics and
leather/suede.  The seats are dark green as well as the carpet and the interior sports the
corporate logo for Weiss Corporation.

N-Number: Austrian Registry OE-LNL

This is a fictional theme pack of a 'Lauda Airliners' Special Runner.  This aircraft does not
actually exist, nor does Lauda Airlines have any LJ24's in their fleet.  This is only a fictional
paint scheme based on Niki Lauda's cool European airlines paint theme.

This package features the two toned white/dark gray paint scheme with dual red
penstriping.  The plane is outfitted to be a personal runner of Niki sporting his name on the
front left and a Ferrari decal near the door.  The interior features gray leather seats and two
toned dark gray and black leather.  The instrument panel '6 pack' instrumentation
penstriping features bright red paint, a Lauda Airways badge in front of the pilot on the
panel, a Ferrari button on the right side of the panel, a Niki Lauda name imprint in gold leaf
on the left arm rest area.  There is also a Lauda badge on the center console (below, right)
along with a custom postit note.
This update features the 'wind sound' for the landing gear (when its lowered, from 90 Knots upwards) to
be 'removed' so that you have zero wind noise when dropping the landing gear, (like all other FS
aircraft).  Some have complained that its bothersome.  So if you are tired of the gear making wind
sounds, now is your chance to drop it.  Backup your older LHC_LJ24B.CAB file by renaming it or putting
it somewhere else other then the main Gauges folder in FS.  Then download this, unzip it, drop it into the
main Gauges folder in FS (or P3D) and Voila.  Sound removed.

Does 'not' work in DX10 in FSX
This package does 'not' work in DX10 in FSX!
Invisible Plexi for those that hate seeing glass.  This has both interior and exterior textures.  Select which
you would like to place in your plane, drop them in, start up the sim, and you should have zero plexi.  
Recommended for people using DX10 in FSX.  This is 'quite' invisible.  You should backup your original
set in their own folder before installing these.  

Download Here