Learfan 2100  Concept
Prop Jet
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This is the Learavia Corporation Learfan 2100 Twin Turbine Prop Biz jet designed by
William Lear of Lear Jet fame.

These screen shots are of a model designed for Flight Simulator FS2002 and FS2004
by designer William Ortis, Lionheart Creations Ltd.  The model features many
animated flight surfaces and panels, reflective and dynamic shine textures, detailed
appearence, and is done to factory drawings to be as authentic as possible.

This model is not yet finished and is undergoing a VC fitting while the exterior model is
almost finished.  Textures shown are still at their testing level and not finished.
The nose of the Learfan was incredibly
aerodynamic and still looks very modern
even for todays standards yet carries the
classic Lear 'look'.
The model is designed to be very authentic
and extremely detailed with as much
animation as possible.
This is a conceptual modern day
production model of a new 2004 LearFan
2100C fitted with a glass cockpit avionics
For a touch or realism, wheel chaulks and
peedo tube cover flags appear when one
activates the 'Wing Fold' command in
Flight Simulator.

Note the detailed landing gear assembly.
Here, the Learfan is dropping her gear
and preparing for touchdown.
A set of turbine intake covers appear also
when you bring up the wheel chaulks.  Its
nice to have a fun little aircraft that has
as many little 'touches' to bring out a
superb flight sim experience.
Early morning preflight at Nantucket on a
cold foggy morning.
This is a composite of multi screen shots
of the Learfan 2100 project
This screenshot is done in Gmax, with
several layers of the aircraft removed for
a visual of the interior, trimed in a nice
burled wood and khaki suede.  Note that
an animated curtain closes just behind the
pilots via the Shift/E/2 command.
The Apple computer laptop fired up, ready
for a long trip to Martha's Vineyard for a
weekend away from work.
Here, the Gmax model of the of Learfan
2100 is nearly completed.
Trimmed out and clean, making at good
speed, the Learfan is making her way
through the clouds high over Washington.
This is the 'office'.  The instrumentation is
of the 'era', though I would like to come out
with a modern 'glass cockpit' as well as an
This is the Glass
Cockpit of the
modern version
Learavia 2100C.
These are some shots of the cockpit
of the Learavia 2100 twin turbine
prop biz jet.  There are three panels
for three era's; a basic prototype
panel, one that would have been for a
production model, and a modern
glass cockpit if they were made today.
Note the pilots head turns with the nose
Here is 21 Lima chaulked on the
tarmac beside a DH-8.  Note the
resemblance of the wings to the P-51
Mustang fighter aircraft.
Desending over the Alps coming into
Malpensa airspace after a swift flight
out of Paris/Orly international.
About the Learfan 2100 and William Lear
This is the Learavia Learfan 2100 twin turbine single prop biz jet.  Three of these
aircraft were produced and flew to many aircraft expositions including Oshkosh.

Learavia Corporation was set up by the famed designer William Lear, who had produced
the worlds first private executive jet, as well as designing the worlds first auto radio
systems and patented new revolutionary aircraft avionics as well as a revolutionary high
powered vapor turbine designed for automotive applications.

After selling Gates Learjet Corporation, Bill Lear later came back into the aircraft market
with a revolutionary set of concepts for that era;  a fully composite airframe made of
carbon fibre, which allowed for an extremely strong aircraft of incredibly light weight
proporsions.  He also calculated that a prop version of jet would obtain far better fuel
economy and performance.  Thus was born the Learfan 2100.  The design was multi
functional in purpose, from being a business jet to an air ambulance and airfreight uses.

The company Bill started that would manufacture the Learfan was called 'Learavia'.  
Funding was finally found through a joint venture with the government of Great Britain
where they would be manufactured in Ireland.  However, the day before the first maiden
flight of the first Learfan prototype, William Lear passed on.  Moya Lear, his beloved wife
fought to keep Learavia alive and pursued manufacture ever still.  The contract with
Great Britain fell through though and Moya retired to helping the community around
her.  Moya passed away not long ago and was deeply felt by all who knew her as well as
her much loved husband, William, who had touched the world more then people realise.
This is a conceptual version of a Learavia 2100 if it were produced today.  I have
christened this 'dream ship' the Mark C in honour of William and Moya Lear who
fought hard to see her into production.  

This particular model comes with chromed leading edges and engine intakes.  The
interior is fitted with a darker Mahogony veneer wood and the avionics is a top of the
line package now being fitted to modern day high end executive aircraft.  Click on one of
the pictures to go to that web page that has more information on it.
Lionheart Creations
Industrial and Vehicular Design
The LearFan 2100 by William Ortis of Lionheart Creations Ltd. recieved the acclaimed
Flightsim award for the month of November.  I would like to note that all of my aircraft
can be downloaded from Flightsim.com and that I hold them as being one of the best
websites in Flight Simulation.
By William Ortis; Lionheart Creations Ltd.