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This is a comprehensive 'fleet' of the famous Junkers W-33 and W-34,
known around the world as both a rugged bush plane and cargo
freighter, and also as one of the early and highly successful airliners in
Airlines history.  Features 2 panels, multiple liveries, 17 models,
extreme high realism textures and amazing sound files.
This package is a high detail, comprehensive, multi-model addon of the
famous Luftwaffe trainer, the Bucker Bu-181 Bestmann.  The package is
extremely comprehensive and features tons of texture sets, detailed
sound pack, and includes a training glider as well, also used by the
Luftwaffe in WWII, the Schneider Grunau Baby II, which is in 3 liveries.
This is a 'dual pack' of the 'Porsche' of General Aviation, the Socata Trinidad
Turbo GT and its sister ship line, the Tobago.  Both feature 2 interior colors,
countless international paint schemes, Garmin state of the art
instrumentation in the Trinidad, and high realism mapping textures through
out the interior and exterior.  

The package also sports a very wild soundpack, a rediculously high amount
of cockpit animations, 2D panels, and a very realistic airfile handling set that
puts you into the seat of the sleek, modern, TB line.
This is the amazing Kodiak bush plane, a high
performance STOL multi-roll turboprop.  Featuring a
Garmin G-1000 high realism glass panel system complete
with a number of exciting paint schemes, detailed manual,
10 model variants, extreme realism textures, optional high
performance texture pack, and a redesigned MFD screen
deisgned to increase frame rates performance.

This installer comes with both a FSX 'pure' version, as
well as a FS2004 version.
This is a collection of 5 aircraft based on the American legends by Bellanca
Aircraft Company.  This package features the Cruisemaster, Cruisemaster
250, the famous 260, the historic 'Junior', and the most numerous, the
Cruiseair.  Each have various Virtual Cockpits and tons of various paint
schemes.  A scenery addition of the Bellanca factory is included.
This is the famous American 'Corvette' of General Aviation in the USA, the
Bellanca Super Viking.  Equipped in both regular fuel asperation, and in
turbocharged, this aircraft could cruise at 200 MPH at 75% throttle.  The
wings were of a wood composite construction that could take amazing
amounts of forces and featured a very smooth, rivetless, panel-less
surface  that helped the aircraft to achieve its high speeds.

These models come in 11 different liveries and feature 4 different
instrument panels and a multitude of various interior textures and feature
new soft lighting technologies for night flying.  

This package also features a custom sound file, optional 'lady' pilot, custom
high resolution 3D instrumentation of that era, high detail Gmax modelling,
and some fun, good handling airfiles that give you that 'sports car' feel.
Fourth Generation Bellanca Super Viking Collection
FSX with DX10 is presently not supported on this model.
FSX wtih DX10 is presently not supported on this model
If you are a manufacturer and wish to have a virtual aircraft created for Flight Simulator, contact us at Lionheart Creations
and we can provide a bid on the cost of creating a virtual, high detail aircraft package of the model you wish to have
done.  These packages can take several months to create, but the final product leaves you with the ability to repaint
clients paint schemes on them, create interior schemes, and test out new concecpt models with new instrumentation
layouts, as well as using these packages as sophisticated sales media for showing clients your aircraft.

For more information about having your aircraft created for the virtual world, click here.
Having your own plane created
New from America is the sleek Epic LT / Dynasty, an exotic, executive six seat turboprop, built purely of state
of the art Carbon Fiber and powered by the powerful PT6-67A jet turbine, this wild newcomer pushes the
limits of turboprop aviation with speeds over 350 knots and the ability to cruise at 31,000 feet for 1500
Nautical Miles, making it a grand choice in todays aviation world.

This flight simulation model features high resolution textures, detailed cabin area with accented wood trim
as like the actual Epic aircraft.  Full animations are throughout the complex model.  The package also sports
'both' versions of Microsofts popular Flight Simulator variants, FS2004 and the new FSX.  The FSX version
comes with the new model technologies such as real time rendering, extreme reflection qualities, light
bloom, and many other features.

If you live life in the fast lane, if you often catch yourself eyeing a Ferrari or Lamborghini, if you like to be the
first to own something that no one else has yet, then the Epic LT / Dynasty may be for you.
The following projects are 'Works in Progress'
slated for future release
This is the exotic 4 seat General Aviation high performance  Avelina.  This aircraft is
designed with an automotive like interior, featuring next generation instrumentation,
creature comforts like leather interior, seat mounted rear media screens, iPod plugin
slots, new generation computer LCD information center, all wrapped up in a fabulous
composite, sleek fuselage.  This will also feature a hybrid powered propulsion system.
The world famous 2 seater speedster of the American Homebuilt sector, the 200 MPH,
wooden winged Tailwind designed by famous air racer Steven Wittman.  This world
famous plane, originally designed in the 1950's, graced the skies internationally with
radical high speed performance, extremely inexpensive contruction, and provided
regular people with a fun, enjoyable way of flying.  This will come with both the W8 and
W10 series model variants.
For FS2004 'only'
For FS2004
For FS2004
For FS2004
Now only $14.95
Now only $14.95
Now only $12.95
If you have a plane that is taking up space and you would like to sell it, we might
be an alternative for you.  We are looking for a flyable airplane for our small
company.  A donation can be a tax write off in most cases.  If you are interested
in cutting loose of one of your planes and you are interested, please contact us
The exotic, new Victory VLJ from Epic Aircraft who create
the high performance Epic LT and Dynasty.  A sleek, small
personal jet that carries 6 people in quiet, leather clad
Factory Authorized
New from our studios is the sleek, fast Euro Favorite, the WT-9 Dynamic by Aerospool of
Slovakia.  This unique plane comes in both Fixed Gear (FG) and Retractable Gear (RG)
variations, and feature extreme detail from exterior to the Virtual Cockpit.  This sports a
custom soundpack, switchable pilots, fuselages, and wings, and has a high detail engine.  
Click the photo for more information.
John 3:16
This is the classic Pasped Skylark, born in the 1940's and sporting the
highest degree of sporty lines of that era of General Aviation, the plane
later became a co-star in many movies.  Handling like a big plane, yet
only being a simple two seater, boasting a landing speed around 50 MPH
yet a top speed of around 140 MPH, this is truly a classic if the late 1930's.
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Only $34.95
ROBIN DR400 / 180
The classic, famous Robin DR400 of France, most popular aircraft in
Europe, seen at almost all air clubs and air schools and airports
around Europe.  This is the DR400 '180' version, high end
horsepower model, great in climbs, fast in cruise.  Packed with great
instrumentation and a very detailed instrument panel, she is a fun
plane to fly!
One of Americas most popular and also classic planes of all time, the
Piper Pacer.  This rugged plane was designed for the average family
and soon became a popular form of transportation.  Even today,
these are found commonly being used as rugged bush planes and
can be found all over the world.
Fairchild 24 Series
New from Lionheart Creations is one of America's famous legends in
General Aviation of the Golden Age of Aviation is the famed Fairchild 24
Series.  These elegant, large planes featured a heavy duty landing gear
like that of a German Storch and features of modern cars of that era
including roll down windows.
For those that wish to obtain a mix of several, very high end, high detail,
high resolution aircraft packages, we have created for you a 5 plane multi
pack of some of our best aircraft product lines.  These also range in for
areas of the Aviation world; Sport Aviation, General Aviation, Executive
Turboprop, and Exective Sport Jet.  Read more
For those that wish to obtain a mix of several, very high end,
high detail, high resolution
Classic aircraft packages, we have
created for you a 4 plane multi pack of some of our best
aircraft product lines.  Read more
Build 2.0
Classic LJ24B
Business Jet
Introducing a journey back into the time of the birth of Executive Aviation
where William Lear made it possible for people to purchase a jet aircraft
for personal and business use.  This super high detail classic is filled with
tons of features and functions, sports 4096 textures, and will amaze you
with the amount of power this thing has.
Quickie Q200
Introducing the 1980's legendary Quickie Q200.  Bristling with high detail
polygon model mesh and high resolution, extreme realism textures, this
highly unique X-Wing configuration aircraft is a wild and fun plane to fly.  
She is basic and not sophisticated, she is artistically enhanced, and she
can cruise at 180 MPH.
Time Travelling into tomorrow.  A design concept that uses todays
technologies to create a four seat luxury private aircraft that features
electric propulsion, a powerful 478 HP drive, a range of 400 Nautical Miles
on a single charge, and a concealed roof mounted solar array for free
solar recharging (refueling) from the sun.  She is a high performance
aircraft with high cruise at 200 Knots and Economy cruise at 155 Knots.
Blade People Pack
Mod Kit
Now available, an addon pack for the popular Blade package.  This kit
features 3 new pilot groups; Jade female pilot, a couple, and a group of
four.  The 'Couple' and 'Couples' groupings are visible in the VC and can
be hidden.  These also are properly weight set for their loadouts, with the
4 passenger being near max capacity on weight.  There are also 5 high
resolution, very well done, new theme packs with brilliant graphics and
even interior themes.  Check out the PPM page now for more info.
Our next project, the Fokker F100
Trinidad TB21 GT Turbo
The prestigious Trinidad TB21 GT Turbo, the European Exotic four seater that can fly up to
20,000 feet altitude and cruise at 180 to 190 Knots.  This 250 HP turbocharged beauty features
TWENTY TWO paint schemes, FIVE different interior themes, an exotic layout of high
technology Avionics featuring the GPS500, GNS430, the KFC225 Autopilot system.  This is a
hot bird and a dream to fly...!
Proton Bullette
Looking ever the part of a Bavarian race plane and trainer of the 1930's,
this dual package of 2 variants of the infamous Proton Bullette include the
B-37 'fixed landing gear' variant and the sleek B-40 that had both a full
canopy (option) and retractable landing gear.  There are 15 paint
schemes per variant, making that 30 planes in this package.  Each paint
scheme features a theme with various panels and interior paint schemes.  
If you are tired of the 'normal' and you need some fresh wings, you want
something FUN, you want something so far different then reality, then you
have come to the right place.
The Diamond DA40 is a sleek, modern General Aviation 4 seater
aircraft that features a roomy, modern cockpit with large windows that
provide ample visibility of the ground with their low cut sides.
This flight simulation model features flexing wings, fold-down rear seats,
opening canopy and side door, high detail interior and panel, and Garmin
G1000 glass panel instrumentation system.