Sport Blimp Concept Mini Airship
This is the Sport Blimp.  It is a single, possibly two
passenger vehicle designed for vertical take-offs, (VTOL)
as well as smooth dynamic flights up to 70 knots.  The
design features swiveling ducted fans that allow for
incredible manuvering as well as a moderately sized
rudder in which the entire surface pivots allowing for
good control at very low airspeeds.  The downloads of
this model were higher then expected and a
panel/cockpit was introduced as an update.  This
vehicle was done in Gmax.  The actual design is several
years old in which I incorporated such concepts as
lifting gas catallytic heaters which increase lift, a lifting
body envelope for increased payload capacities, as well
as three other versions that include an extremely aero
dynamic speed version, a 5 passenger sky camper, and
a sky yacht.
This view shows the ducted thrusters aimed up,
mainly for take offs as well as powered vertical
descents.  The thrusters act like elevators and
ailerons, being mounted forward and being able to
swivel independently of each other.  They can even
enable banked turns with roll effect.  They have a
moderate amount of travel as well which enables
some aero braking.
Power to the ducted thrusters is via two air cooled
engines located inside the dynamic envelope body.  
The engines have composite flexi-shafts that run
up to the swivel points at each thruster.  The drive
shafts are a DeLorean concept used in GM cars in
the 60's.  The engines are on racks that lower
down out of the engine bay allowing for a swift
glance over during preflight of the vehicle.  A quick
detach joint at the flexi-shafts allow for this
feature.  A form of dynamic balance using a
weight, which I had envisioned using the battery,
would travel on the keep forward and back,
enabling balance without exterior drag.
This is a shot of the panel update
I did for the Sport Blimp.  I wished
to have most of the
instrumentation out of the field of
vision thus mounted overhead.
These prototype concepts are  copyright by
William Ortis,  Lionheart Creations Ltd.