Falcon Concept Helicopter
These are the latest shots of the newly released Falcon twin turbine helo.  They were released on Cinco de Mayo
in 2004, shipping with 3 diffrent textures.  The landing gear, and 4 diffrent doors both within and without funtion
with animation.  I was incredibly impressed with the awesome capabilities that Gmax could handle for what I
wanted, which was for doors to 'disappear' after closing, and incredibly aerodynamic fluid shape sculpture in a
3D program.
Just after takeoff, one pulls the
gear up and the doors seem to
The wild lines of the Falcon when
she is in flight at full forward are a
bit agressive looking.  She does
have a slight look of a fish such as
a Dolphin.
Flying about the awesome
architecture of Seatle with the
beautiful reflections in the Falcons
skin doing a bit of a dance.
Landing upon a sky scraper in
beautiful downtown Seatle.
The Falcon showing off over
Seatle, looking quite the biz.
Going into a hover with the power
of two turbines is quick.  
This is a concept helicopter that would use
state of the art helo technologies such as
blade design and NOTAR exhaust powered
rear tail control area.  The designs main
parameters is are smooth minimal vibration
flight qualities, extremely fast performance
qualities, a new and fresh modern design, and
a cabin with the luxuries of a Lear Jet.  This is
designed for the highest end executive market.
A main component to this vehicle would be a
vibration dampening secondary mount platform
that ties the Main Rotor to the dynamic hull,
moderately filtering out vibrations brought on by
the Rotors.  Similar in effect to a Range Rovers
body work resting on shock dampers between
the body and chassi, this vehicle too would
incorporate such a dampening system, enabling
a very smooth yet swift flight.
I modeled the Falcon with Gmax CAD, which enables some extremely fluid like shaping tools.  A common
creation path of designers these days is creation of a single side of a sophisticated shape and then
copying and mirroring itself to create the other half.
This design is copyright by William Ortis,  Lionheart Creations Ltd.