A massive update is released today at Lionheart
Creations for the Classic Bellanca Collection.  This huge
update features new high precision airfiles for each
aircraft which has been painstakingly done by Jerry
Beckwith, guru of airfiles in the FS world.  Other mods
include model file enhancements such as hiding yokes,
domelight attached to 'o' command, etc.
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download now
Bellanca Collection
June 1st, 2006
Lionheart Creations has launched their newest and much
awaited Bellanca Super Viking, the sleek modern 200
MPH 4 place general aviation sport aircraft.

The Simulation model package features a male and
female pilot set, high detail VC with as much animations
as possible fitted to the interior.  The package comes
with 3 textures in both high resolution 32 bit format, or
in DXT3 format, with free paint kits also avaible in
Layered format for extremely easy color change-outs.

Engineered airfiles by Jerry Beckwith have been
painstakingly tuned to exactness, while Beta testing the
aircraft with a group of actual Viking pilots.

There is also a movie you can view of the aircraft.

To see more,
click here.
Super Viking by
May 26th, 2006
A new 'Venders Outsourcing Jobbing' page has been
added to the Lionheart Creations website.  This is a list of
jobs for creation of software and the like for up coming

If you are a professional builder, designer, or artist that
is looking for projects,  please look through the list to see
if you can find a job bid that might fit your abilities.

To go to that page,
click here
Now Up
Jobs Listings
Just released is the Bellanca Collection Superpack!  This
is a collection of 5 Bellanca's that are detailed and filled
with their various era paint schemes as well as various
forms of panels.

Added to the collection are the Junior, the CruisAir, the
Cruisemaster (2.0), the Cruisemaster 230, and the
Cruisemaster 260-A.

The Junior comes with an antique AM band General
Electric GE Radiofone that features sound effects that
bring you back in time to the 1930's era ATC Comm
traffic days.

The Bellanca 260 is equipped with the larger instrument
panel in 3 versions as well including a cool burled wood
and several new textures join this package for several of
the planes including the Junior and the 260.

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Bellanca Cruisemaster
is released!
January 16th,
Lionheart Creations release the new Classic Bellanca
Cruisemaster.  This aircraft package comes with a total
of 11 different aircraft and an additional scenery package
that adds the vintage Bellanca airfield to your Flight
Simulator, (FS2004 only).

The Bellanca has a web page where you can check out
the details on the aircraft as well as download it.  Click

A press release of the package can be seen at
Bellanca Cruisemaster
is released!
January 16th,
Cessna AW recieves
Flightsim Award
October 19th,
Lionheart Creations has finished work on Project Deer
Valley, a comprehensive recreation of the popular
Phoenix based airpark.  KDVT features all the local
hangers and most all of the buildings that make up Deer
Valley's large airport.  

A large number of frame rate friendly static aircraft help
to bring the look of realism to this package as well as
light map equipped custom textures of the various local
buildings.  Even the 'Pueblo' like architectural styled
Terminal building is featured along with the patio area of
the Restaurant.   You can see more of it here.  
Click here.
You can find the download package at Flightsim.com by
searching under William Ortis.
Deer Valley KDVT
October 12th,
Bugatti Adventure
featured in PC Pilot
PC Pilot magazine, a superb British publication on the
world of  Flight Simulation has featured a brilliant 4 page
article on the Bugatti Adventures gamepack addon for
Flight Simulator.  

The publication is carried in most 'Borders' bookstores in
the United States and is a 'must' for the professional sim
pilot.  The article can be seen here;
Click here

The magazines home page is here; Click here
October, 2005
Work continues on the moderately sized Socata base line
aircraft multi pack that features the Trinidad and Tobago

To view its progress in the modeling stages,
click here
Trinidad Gamepack
October 12th,
Bill and Lynn Lyons has released another work of art, the
famous LZ-127 Graff super Zeppelin airliner of the Golden Era.

This is an incredible and highly detail package featuring a VC
that includes the command deck with functioning unique
control systems, to the entire inner hotel that was featured in
the Graff.  You will also find a large number of exciting
missions as well as detailed scenery and even a detailed
ReadMe on how to operate the controls in the command

To see it,
click here.  

To go to Bill's site, click here.
Bill Lyons
Releases the
Graff Zeppelin
October 23rd, 2005
The Bugatti webpage has been redone and now features  
a faster download and streamlined appearence.

To visit the new page,
click here.
Bugatti Page
November 23rd,
Cessna AW is
The vintage Cessna AW is released at Flightsim.com as
Freeware, coming in two versions of the fabulous golden oldie,
the early model with bicycle tires, tail skid, and open Scarab
radial engine, and then the later model with sleek engine
cowling, Anzanni radial engine, fat bubble tires, and a steering
tail wheel.  

The models come with detail interiors, high detail textures, and
a massive seperate paint kit for painting up your own bird.
October 22nd, 2005
Mars Simulator
Lionheart Creations is venturing to create Mars Simulator.

A detail 'Mesh' of the world is needed as well as the awesome
texture and some cloud textures and effects to mimic the
powerful dust storms of the Red World.

Volunteers please email William Ortis at
October 23rd, 2005
Golden Wings Aircraft Productions have created another
incredible creation, the Golden Wings GW3 Flight Simulator.

This wild off-spring of Flight Simulator's FS2004 is based on
the late 1920's era and has no modernism in it what so ever.  
The highest building in NYC is the Empire State Building!  You
will find a massive amount of revisions to scenery, additions to
the scenery generators, automated air traffic of airlines based
on the Ford Tri-Motors, and more.  The list is quite long.  

You have to see the Cleaveland air races scenery that comes
with it.  Amazing....
GW3 is Launched
October, 2004
Nick Churchill is a Flight Simulator professional
'Photographer'.  His work is absolutely amazing, creating
screenshots that are beyond publicated magazine
quality.  I refer to him as the 'Road and Track'
photographer of the FS world!

Check out his site.  You will be amazed at the awesome
quality of his work.                        
Click here to go there.
Nick Churchill
has put up a
new site
November 23rd,
The LearFan 2100 by William Ortis, Lionheart Creations Ltd.
has recieved the Flightsim award, a rare and distinguished
honour.  Flightsim.com by my standards is about the finest
website anywhere for anything on Flight Simulation and
Flight Sim
award for the
LearFan 2100
November 22nd,
Flightsim.com's monthly contest for most popular
downloads voted Lionheart Creations 'Cessna AW'
package most popular for the month of October.  

Thanks to all that have been enjoying flying Clyde
Cessna's first dream machine.  Thanks Clyde for a great
design of an aircraft for people to fly.  Thanks to my
mentors at FreeFlightDesign.com's forums, and mainly,
thank you Lord.

For those that do not know, Flightsim.com is about the
worlds biggest website for Flight Simulator's FS2000,
FS2002, and FS2004.
The Bucker Bestman Adventures is renamed 'Operation
Valkyrie in May and is released in June.  The Bucker
Bestmann is also now available as a seperate single
download and includes the Grunau Baby Glider.
Bucker Bestmann
June 1st, 2007
Lionheart Creations Ltd are seeking a game engine that
will enable a new set of gaming simulations to be born.  It
is hoped that these two flight simulations will be able to
be linked so that space flight is also possible.  Such game
engines (interlinked hybrid multi game engine platform)
or Hybrid game engine would enable a multiple addon sim
family that would be able to 'link' many platforms
together to make a Sim Universe.

Pray for us that we can make this happen soon.
FS Mars and FS2020
March 10, 2007
Many have been asking when the FSX versions of
Lionheart Creations models will be ready.  Many
Trinidad/Tobago owners, and Kodiak owners of our
gamepacks have been writing in requesting the updates.

The Kodiak will be the first to be updated to FSX.  The
update awaits 3 different variables to happen first; the
actual Kodiak interior finalization on the actual aircraft so
that we will have a new version cockpit interior in high
detail.  Also, the Bestmann Adventures will need to be
finished up first, which should be soon.  Finally, famed
gauge guru Nick Pike, creator of the Garmin G-1000
system is redoing the platform for higher quality and
broadened capabilities as well as a actual Quest Kodiak
version trainer with higher G-1000 capabilities for the
capacity to train perspective buyers for the Kodiak

The Trinidad will come next after that.

Due to complexities that were incredibly moderate, easy
upgrading of models just was not possible for FSX.  That
was the main problem with the set-back of these
updates.  We apologise for not being a more powerful
group to cope with such incredible change and work load.
In Progress
FSX Model updates
March 10, 2007
This is the classic Junkers 'W' Series Collection, based
on the famous aircraft that helped to issue in the new
Airlines era.  This is a huge package of 39 variants of
textures and models, having 17 model platforms (physical
models) in various vintage airline liveries and Registries.

The models feature animated passengers, extreme
mapping and details, 2 versions of instrument panels,
different textured interiors, high amounts of animated
parts, optional float planes and ski planes, and very
realistic soundpacks.  

The instrumentation is '3D Projected' and featured
internal illumination.  The night flight lighting system has
3 levels of illumination; Instruments only, soft glow/panel
lights, and extreme 'Dome' lighting.

For more information, go
Junkers 'W' Fleet
August 30th, 2007
The 'next generation' Bellanca Vikings Collection has now
been released.  The new, rebuilt package now has a dual
platform installer that can place the Viking Collection in
both FS2004 and FSX.

There are a large amount of various updates including
some new high resolution instrument panels in both the
Virtual Cockpit as well as the 2D panels, and include a
new wood veneer panel.  Instrumentation in the VC is 3D
projected for maximum realism.

Other details include;
*  New high realism male pilot with animations
*  New interior and exterior paint scheme additions
*  Increased graphics and details to the interiors

For more information, go
Second Generation
Bellanca Vikings
September 22nd,
Build 2.0 of the Trinidad and Tobago Collection have just
been released.  These are free downloads to customers
that already own the original Trinidad and Tobago

New innovations and mods include;
*  New high realism female pilot with animations
*  Interior mapping improvements
*  Becker radio stack now functions in FSX
*  Package has a dual installer for both FSX and FS9
*  All parts are mapped with textures to show in FSX
*  Airfile handling improvements especially in slower

For more information, go
Trinidad and Tobago
Collection; Build 2.0
October 26th, 2007
Lionheart Creations is proud to announce the coming of a
new model line to the LHC hanger works.  The new bird is
a sleek, turbo-prop composite, an executive sport aircraft
produced by the new aircraft concern known as Epic
Aircraft.  This model we are building is the LT/Dynasty, a
fantastic 6 place aircraft that is truly a Ferrari of modern
GA and executive prop aviation.  Able to cruise at well
over 300 knots and sporting a composite airframe
structure, this fast and sleek plane is is just plain
beautiful.  The panel of the Epic is the modern Garmin
glass panel  system, type G-1000.

Look forward to this beautiful aircraft soon.

Work in progress screenshots
Coming Soon
New Models coming;
Epic LT and Dynasty
February 22nd, 2008