Conceptual rendition of concept vehicle code named Portofino
Finalized Body Lines
The two white background shots review the 'with' and 'without' aspects of the visible side
pipes and addition of possible deco style polished aluminum trim
Conceptual line art of the finalized design
Views of the final 'lines' of the design.
Rough sketches and start out concept preliminaries.
Composite of sketches
Early Gmax/Max 3D Concept Views
Note:  These body lines are now different.  These depicted are earlier
design lines.
Computer Generated shaping of scoop and rear end with extended
rear fenders past the rear trunk back.  The taper of the fenders
'fin' area was tapered slightly with a pinched appearence, carrying
through with existing radii from the sides.
In this screenshot, note the rear has a totally different look with
the fenders extended several inches
Note the transition at the front scoop of the 'originally' pontoon
fenders into the new scoop frontal area in this concept version.
Work in Progress
These are some shots of the actual car going together.  One rolling chassis has been
completed and another is being finished in the chassi jig
About Lionheart Creations Ltd.
These designs and graphics were produced by William Ortis, Lionheart Creations Ltd. and
created for Charles Rahn of the unique vehicle prototyping and design group, 'VIP'.  Charles
Rahn has been known for his incredible auto restorations seen at Pebble Beach concours
shows, such as a Bugatti Type 35 Compresseure, which later sold for 3.5 million at the Barret
Jackson auto auctions.  Charles Rahn is also responsible for creating his own vehicle sports
car endeavor of which many were finished and were featured in Road and Track magazine.

William Ortis has known Mr. Rahn for decades when William was in the automotive sector and
trying also to start his own small sports car company and creating the prototype X1F
'Endeavor', a Porsche powered, sleek wedge shaped design.  You can view pictures of the