Design rendering of the early Spinner concept on the left and Sid Mead, the incredible 'Futurist'
designer standing next to an actual completed Spinner on the right.
*  Three paint schemes; Los Angeles Police Department, United States Air Force 'Project
Majestic', and a private Yellow GT model
*  Two model versions;  Sleek and clean version, and the Police Interceptor model with lights
accross the top roof
*  Rectractable landing gear with all animated gear doors and gear pod clam shell doors
*  Opening passenger doors
*  Opening engine hood/bonnette with detailed gravity engine drive
*  Tinted/smoked 'transparent aluminum' perspex dome
*  Unique hover airfile that allows 'zero speed' hovering
*  Floor mounted windows for vertical landings
*  Night illuminated exterior graphics
*  Night illuminated instrumentation
*  High detail pilot depicted as Harrison Ford as 'detective Dekkard'
*  Unique sound file which replicates the actual Spinner
*  High detail texturing throughout, especially in the interior
*  Retracting 'landing approach virtual monitor' rig that appears when you select 'Tailhook'
command, (VC only).
*  Craft can land in the water in emergencies only and float with instantaneous ion field
diffusement just before touching down
Spinner flying car from the movie Blade Runner, for FS2004. This high detail package features
two models; a sleek clean version and the police interceptor. The package includes 3 paint
schemes; Los Angeles Police Dept, USAF Majestic Dept, and one in Sebring yellow. The vehicle
sports animated landing gear that fully retracts, opening 'Lamborghini' doors, opening rear
'gravity engine' bonnette/hood, retracting drivers virtual hood, pop-up headlights, high detail
interior graphics, glowing light panels on exterior, hover capabilities with no forward motion
required, 300 knots capability, custom sound pack, and detailed Detective Dekkard (Harrison
Ford) pilot. Auto Pilot by Antti Pankkonen. Auto-Hover system by Arne Bartels. Instrumentation
graphics by Greg Logan. Airfile technology by Alan Devins. Package designed and developed by
William Ortis, Lionheart Creations Ltd.
Actual Blade Runner movie poster