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These are the latest photos of the prototype with flight testing and
installment of details.
Seruphum Prototype in Flight Testing
This shot shows the new composite 6 blade fan prop with
leading tips.  A main concern in this version of the Seruphum
fitted with pusher props is noise, and so I have been working
on a set of wing flow enhancements that would dissipate the
high pitch frequency caused by pusher props mounted behind
a wing.  Further more, the Seruphum Cargo Plane must be
able to make STOL take-offs and landings on dirt runways, so
the props must be resilliant to pebble damage and
brush/grass contact.  Titanium leading edges would help to
deture this.  Also, note that the rear main tires are fitted with
small aerodynamic fenders to keep rock spray to an extreme
This shot shows the scale of the Seruphum parked next to a
refueling paddock.  Note the rear loading ramp lowered as well
as the telescoping skystair.  Just as well, the sharp dynamic
nose that is designed to create lift and yet offers a superb
amount of visibility.  You might be able to see a bit of Lotus
Esprit as well as Concorde in these lines.  I would like to add
that this design was meant to be pure and not a copy of other
aircraft and was originally designed as a medical evac aircraft
for foreign countries that cannot afford exotic aircraft.  
Seruphum Turbo Prop Pusher and Cargo Models; Platform 1
This shot is taken over Seatle at sunset with the city
lights coming on.  The model hasnt been textured yet.
This textured version is in desert camouflage and
depicts a military version that would be used for cargo
as well as troop transport needs.  With the rear ramp
opened half way, one could prachute out the rear of the
Seruphum quite easily.  
Seruphum Twin Jet; Platform 2
These are the latest photos of the jet version
with flight testing and installment of details.
Setting up the aerodynamics for the Flight Simulator
config file for the Seruphum to behave like a true delta
wing airplane yet with the added lift in level flight of the
fuselage shape.  After many hours of working the
figures, she is finally landing like a true delta, nose up,
slow and beautiful.  The added lower belly nose window
enhances the pilots view when touching down.  Take
offs are quite impressive with rotation occuring at just
over 70 knots.  The upper dynamic hull wing surface is
fitted with spoilerons which act in unison with the
elevons at the rear as well as the spoiler/speed brakes.
Seruphum Quad 4 Turbine Model; Platform 3
A common characteristic with delta wings is the
tendency for a loss of altitude in sharp turns requiring
nose up input into the controls.
Climb out is superb with the turboprop pushers once
the gear is lifted.  Note the turbine exhaust that is
routed out the middle of the aft pointed spinners.  The
original Seruphum design uses the Porsche aero
engines which were to be concealed within the wing
structure, using a drive shaft that would run to the
wings trailing edge for prop drive.  
Seruphum Interior Upgrade; Biz Jet Model; Platform 3
These are some screen shots of the latest versions of the
Seruphum Delta Wing in twin jet and quad jet configurations as
well as varied paint schemes including a military troop transport.

There is also a new version that is called the Cargo Seruphum
in which the interior of the passenger area is loaded out with
pallettes of boxes, crates, and fuel drums.  

On the jet series of Seruphum, the interior sports wood
paneling and upgraded furniture and trim.

I am still working with the landing gear on the jet series as it
must fold into the wing/fuselage and I would like for it to look
realistic and proper.
Industrial and Vehicular
These personal designs that I created are property and copyright by William Ortis,  Lionheart Creations Ltd.  The
recreations of the manufactured aircraft are considered Freeware.
Seruphum Lifting Body and   Delta
Wing Concept Aircraft Project