This is a product concept study for a unique, simple Sim Gaming pod.  The pod places the
individual in a unique atmosphere, like that of a single place aircraft, fighter jet, or single
place racing car, such as Indy or Formula One.

With the atmosphere close in and cut off from the surrounding environment, one is more
atuned to the systems in front of you, and the stereo speakers also alow for a more
indepth simming experience.
There is a small air fan that ducts air flow to the Pod Pilot via aircraft swivel vents in the
instrument panel.  A screen and keyboard swivel down over your legs after you board the
module.  An optional canopy is available that will allow extreme submerssion into the
simulated pod experience.

Pod comes with a rear 'trunk' cavity which houses the computer.
The module is fitted with a Saitek X-52 professional Joystick and Throttle control set.
Screen is a LCD wide screen HP w2007
Slide out keyboard is the illuminated Saitek Eclipse III keyboard system.
The Sim Pod would be available in either of three stages;

*   Basic...................Empty pod, no hardware
*   Standard............Fitted with Monitor, Joystick set, Keyboard, fan system, wiring, speakers
*   Deluxe................Fully fitted 'with' computer, FS Simulators pre-installed
*   X-Box model.....Fully fitted also, but with a X-Box system in the computer compartment

*  Basic and Standard do not come with the Canopy.  The Canopy structure is an Optional
component on the base models.  The Deluxe and X-Box models come with the Canopy.

**  A Steering wheel is also optional for realistic Formula One and other racing sim gaming.