Super VTOL Concept
Code named Principality, this is a fan jet vehicle of awesome proportions.
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This is a concept I have been having for a VTOL super
transport.  I am quite disturbed that we havent been able
to create a good VTOL vehicle that can take off regularly
as well as vertically and with the performances of that
'size' or scale of jet as well.  

My design utilizes a form of ducted fan which is used by
the Boeing 747 and the military Galaxy jets and are
referred to as Fan Jets.  In this concept, the Fan Jet is
fitted with a unique set of ventricals that open and close
when needed to provide lateral stabilization during hover
and vertical movements.  These are similar to the Bell
helicopter NOTAR controls except that they form a ring
all about the engine near the exhaust end of the nacelle.

These nacelles are in turn designed to pivot and aim
upwards directly and allow the vehicle to take off straight
up as well as come in at a vertical descent.  The ship is
designed to carry more then would allow for such a
manuvre, thus the weight/balance would need to be
adjusted and be within proper perameters.  

The Super VTOL is thus designed also to take off like a
normal plane of its size as well as to land as a normal
plane.  It the VTOL systems are damaged, the vessel can
be brought in manually without any concern and landed,
even with the engines facing forward.  

The practicality of such a engine on a VTOL is that with
out massive helicopter like blades out there, you can
rotate the engines to horizontal for taxiing and takeoffs
as well as landings.  All is fully enclosed within the

The awesome size of this craft makes it the landing ship
of the Century.  This would be the most incredible vessel
yet made by mankind.  It could rescue an entire large
village in a single mission.  It can transport tons of cargo
and land it on a small parking lot instead of a massive
international airport.  It can take off like a helicopter and
yet fly with speeds and economy of a Boeing 777.

She is designed to be loaded and unloaded as swiftly as
possible, sporting a massive ramp, tripple width bay, and
a massive cieling enabling a very high stack rate of
cargo or a loadable second deck.  The roof or upper
dynamic hull surface features sun light panels for
illumination during the day time.

As you can see, the hull of the Super VTOL is a wing foil.  
It alleviates the need for massive wings and thus lessens
the overall width so that they take up less room then a
Boieng 737, thus enabling this vessel to find its way in
civilian use, fitting in at major airports for use as a cargo
hauler and air line hopper as well.
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These prototype concepts are  copyright by William Ortis,  Lionheart Creations Ltd.