The world famous 2 seater speedster of the American Homebuilt sector, the 200 MPH, wooden
winged Tailwind designed by famous air racer Steven Wittman.  This world famous plane, originally
designed in the 1950's, graces the skies internationally with radical high speed performance,
extremely inexpensive contruction, and provide regular people with a fun, enjoyable way of flying.  
This comes with both the W8 and W10 series model variants.
Gmax Profiles; Work in Progress.  Middle and Right are the W8 and W10 series variants.  

W8 will have small powerplant, 2 blade prop, non fairing landing original landing gear, full top in pleixglass,
original door patterns, swept back tail, small instrument panel with basic instrumentation.

W10 will have full fairing landing gear, large performance powerplant, 180 MPH cruise, latest Wittman tail
design, 3 bladed prop, forward 'front version' plexiglass, newer door and side windows styling, and larger panel
with will include instrumentation for Navigation.
Photos of actual Wittman Tailwinds.  Click on icons to see actual size photos
You can purchase the actual plans to the Wittman Tailwind through 'Aircraft Spruce and
Specialty.  These people are world famous for supplying aircraft parts and supplies,
instrumentation, cloth, aluminum, wood, sub assemblies and various other needed
components and materials for making and maintaining your General Aviation and even
Executive Aviation aircraft.  Aircraft Spruce and Specialty own the rights to the famous
Wittman Tailwind and can provide you with sub assemblies, kits, as well as the plans for
making your own Tailwind.
Biggest Tailwind Online Group and Forum
Yahoo provide a group of members called the Tailwind Group.  Sign up and request a membership and find
yourself surrounded by
900 extreme enthusiasts who love Tailwinds and can tell you everything about them
from their history to construction techniques to flying them.  You can find a huge Gallery of photos of build
processes and members planes.  Find fly-ins that will have members there so you can see them in person.
Actual Photos of Real
Tailwind PDF Owners Manual
Purchasing the Tailwind for Flight
Frequently Asked Questions
Gmax CAD Construction Views
My aircraft doesnt appear in Flight Simulator?  Where could it be?
Ansere; For those of you that might have Flight Simulator on another hard drive, you may have to manually
install your Tailwind package.  The installer does not always find FS on every computer.  Simply direct the
installer to a Temp folder and transfer the files one at a time from folder to folder into your Flight Simulator.

How do I program songs into my 'virtual' Tailwind iPhone?
You can place 8 songs on your iPhone for the Tailwind.  Compile them into pure Windows WAV format which
you can do with freeware utility 'Audacity'.  Export them as a WAV file, rename them from SND20 thru SND27,
(total of eight), and then drop those into the LHC folder that is located in your Simulators main Sound folder.  
Then when you click on the song icons, they will play.

Why does the song not stop when I click on the iTunes icon?
You must 'RIGHT' click on the iTunes App icons in order to turn off music.

Will this package run on slower, older computers?
The package was designed to be very little load on lower performance computers.  Only the Fuselage and
Instrument Panel textures are high resolution.  Some of the FSX textures are double sized, but none are
compiled into 32Bit.  They are all in DXT5 format.

Do I need FSX Accelleration?

Do I need FSX Service Pack 1 or higher?  (FSX SP1).   

I installed my aircraft and its exterior is transparent?
You need to download the FSX SP1 Service Pack.  This is located in the downloads section at

There is not a checklist or reference in the Kneeboard.  Does this aircraft have one?
Yes.  The Checklist is a popup, appearing like a blueprint.  This has a standardized checklist developed by an
actual Tailwind builder and pilot.  The Reference data is located in the Tailwind Owners Manual PDF file.

Where is the Manual located?
Look in your aircraft folder and you will see a Manual folder.  The Tailwind Owners Manual PDF will be in there.

Some of the parts are not showing up on my plane?
This appears to be an issue with some vista 64 users.  A fix was for people to download the FSX SP2 Service
Pack which fixed the issue for them.

When doing a cold start, after several min's, my battery goes dead?
This 'only' happens if you save over another aircraft fhat had its Alternator switched off.  The Tailwind does not
have an Alternator switch.  So if you had one on another plane, and switched off when you saved the flight, and
you save the Tailwind over it, then the 'Alternator' in the config file will appear to be off also.  To fix this issue,
simply create a keyboard shortcut for 'Alternator Switch' in your FS Settings/Controls/Assignments.  Something
like Control/Shift/A.

At night, my panel light switch is reversed?
We have not figured this out either.  The code is proper on the model, but yet flips at night.  Please ignore it.  If
we can figure out why it is doing this odd, mischievous meandering, we will certainly get it fixed for the next
Here you may purchase the Wittman Tailwind for FS
via PayPal or by Flight1.  You can still get reloads later
if a computer mishap should occur, and also for
redownloading the package when updates come out.  
It is always advisable to save the download Installer to
a CD or another hard drive in case of emergencies.  
Also be sure to copy/paste all email 'reciepts' for your
records and proof of purchase.

This package is also available at in

For those wishing to obtain a CD hard copy of this
package, SimMarket have this service available for an
extra cost.  Please contact them directly concerning this
EUR 14.20
Virtual iPhone and Onboard
The Tailwind Owners Manual is free to download
and offers people a way to be familiar with the
aircraft before purchasing it.  This is a basic manual
and only 19 pages long.

Flying the Tailwind is very easy.  This package was
designed to be 'pilot friendly' and does not contain
special failures built into the aircraft.

This PDF file will change periodically with added

To download your manual now, click
The Wittman Tailwind Collection comes with two
versions of aircraft, the W-8 and the W-10.  Both of
these aircraft come with their own version of
instrument panel.  The W-10 panel is extensive and
includes a radio stack, while the W-8 panel is
spartan and only has the basic essentials for flight.
W-8 Instrument
W-10 Instrument
There are presently no bugs or updates for this package.
Updates and Known Bugs
The Wittman Tailwind Collection comes with a built in
music system styled after the newest Apple iPhone 3Gs.

This feature has;
*  Sleep mode
*  Boot up Locked mode
*  Apps window mode
*  Working Compass App with GPS Coordinates
*  8 Functioning music selectors
*  One ringtone
*  One photo option (which might be increased soon)

To install your own music, convert songs to WAV
format, rename SND20 thru SND27, and install into the
LHC folder located in the main Sound folder of FS.

Click on iTunes App icons to play music, and 'RIGHT'
click to turn them off.
This package now features 3 aircraft; the Wittman Tailwind W-8 Series and the W-10 series and the Tri-Gear
W-10.  The W-8 series has both versions of landing gear; regular and wheel skirts.

The two W series aircraft both fly slightly different, with the W-10 having a high performance engine and the W-8
having a more common powerplant.  The W-10 will cruise at 180 MPH (not Knots) and will max out at 200 MPH.  
The W-8 cruises at 140 to 160 MPH and maxes out at 180 MPH.

Instrument panels are also different between the two models.  The panel in the W-10 is much more elaborate and
includes an avionics stack, while the W-8 is equipped with minimal instrumentation needed for flight.

Common features include:
*  Custom high detail instrumentation
*  New Avionics featuring an MX12 NAV-COM, transponder, and autopilot in the W-10
*  Full night lighting with soft glow gauge instrumentation for night flights 'without' the dome light needing to be
*  Eight different paint schemes with several versions of interiors
*  One aircraft called 'Retro' features an early 1960's paint scheme and wood panel interior from that era the
Tailwind came from
*  Fully animated control surfaces and various controls within the Tailwind Collection
*  Front diagonal cross brace bars in front of pilot are hideable with a switch for ease of flying in VC mode
*  Features high detail 2D panels by legendary Bill Leaming
*  Optional Wide Screen Panels can be linked to Registry blocks in the aircraft config file for wide screen users
*  Ice box in rear cargo shelf opens and features animated bottled water and sandwich
*  Custom sounds throughout the aircraft
*  Hide-able top sun cover for the W-8, which features a fully transparent roof
*  Hide-able front instrument panel cover made of an old airchart map
*  Features a functioning virtual replica of the Apple iPhone 3Gs with;
1. Sleep Mode
2. Lockout Mode
3. Apps window
4. 8 Song Tracks and can use your own music converted to WAV format
5. Features on photo page
6. Has one ringtone
7. Has functioning Compass App with GPS coordinates readout and heading in digital format also
*  Pilot auto-hides when engine stops running
*  Basic cargo displays outside of plane when engine stops running
*  Comes in full, complete FSX format with DDS files, all in high performance DXT5 DDS format
*  Comes also with FS2004 version with most files in high performance DXT3 format, 2 in 888-8 32Bit High rez.
*  Custom sound package
*  Custom flight model (aircraft config files) that feature a unique feel for the aircraft
*  Tailwind Operations Manual in PDF format
*  Checklist in popup view, does not use Kneeboard program
*  Optional Wide Screen 2D panels for those of you with wide screen monitors
*  Custom exterior 3D high realism lighting effects
Comes with both full versions for FS2004 and FSX.   FSX features all new FSX format textures
The Tailwind Paintkit is in two sections; Exterior and Interior.  These files are large in size, both in
dimension as well as file size.  The exterior package is 164 megs, and the interior is around 60 megs.  
These files are in layered format so you can adjust shading, reflections, etc.  They feature base color
layers for super quick color changes.  These are in Adobe Photoshop PSD format, layered and mostly

The below screenshots may not represent the actual PSD files you download.  They were obtained for
depiction here on the Tailwind webpage.

There are roughly 4 files in each package, and the interior set includes the pilot which has about 10 shirts
options, which each one can be colorized to match a new paint scheme.  (I always do this, matching the
pilot to a plane).   
File Reloads from PayPal
To redownload a PayPal purchase for the complete Build 2 version or loss of
files from a Hard Drive failure, go to this webpage form and fill it out to
request an additional download.
Note to repainters.  The newest Build of the Tailwind has the textures file system in the FSX version changed.   
N1006Y is no longer the base structure.  All 'main' textures of the aircraft for the exterior and cabin 'must' be in
the new texture folder you create or objects will show up black in FSX.  

The following textures must be in a typical repaint; Fuselage, LH Wing, RH Wing,  Tail, W10 Cabin, W8 Cabin,
Cabin2, Cabin3, and Pilot.  This makes for 9 files that must be in your textures (at least).  The Pilot texture is
found in the interior download pack.  He has a number of shirt colors in layers that are selectable to help go with
your paint scheme, or you can copy/paste one from another paint scheme.

If you need a specific PSD file that is not in the repaint packs, please email me;
You can easily adjust the performance of your Tailwind on your simulator by adjusting the 'Aircraft Realism'
sliders in your simulator.  If you think the Tailwind is a bit difficult to fly, lower your realism settings.  If you
find the Tailwind to be overly docile for such a high performance small plane, then adjust your Realism to
higher settings.

If you wish to 'customise' your settings, you can go into the
Aircraft.cfg file in the Tailwind model of choice
(There are two Tailwind folders in each sim installation), and with Windows Notepad, you can open and modify
the files.  To easily and quickly enhance and modify flight settings, go to the Flight Tuning section and increase
or decrease the various settings there.  For instance, if you find the Tailwind is slightly unstable in Roll (right
and left axis movements), then you can increase Roll Stability.  You can increase settings to far over the 1.0
setting.  For instance, if a setting were at 0.6, and you need it increased, you might land on a setting of 1.7 or
2.5 that finally achieves the desired feel you were wanting.

The Tailwind Collection has a built in 2D 'Wide Screen' panel option.  To activate this option, you must open the
'Aircraft.cfg' file in your Tailwind folder (there are two folders total), using Windows Notepad to open the
file(s) with.   From there, you will note at the top, the Registry blocks, a sort of 'paragraph' like sentence string
structure of each plane, with its assigned texture, panel, N-number registry, etc.  Simply change the blank panel
setting to

title=Tailwind W8 01
 <<<  CHANGE THIS TO:   panel=WS
Screenshots by Robert Rivera
New Tri-Gear