Work in progress screenshots of the next generation, high detail,
high realism Viking Collection, due to be released soon.  This will
also be for FSX.
The panel of N194DW.  Gray reflection panel, black upholstery, classic Bellanca wood trim.  iPhone
on the passenger seat.
N194DW at good speed.  Typical cruise of a Viking is roughly 250 MPH, (not Knots).
The new Next Generation Viking panels.  Quite clean, and
now feature high resolution graphics.
New high realism pilot with photo real headphones
This is the backseat of N194DW.  Some CD's, fire extinguisher, some pillows, and some
maps in the seat pockets.
This is the shiny N194DW with burgandy and gray trim on white.  This was taken from an
actual Bellanca Super Viking.