Wasp VTOL Personal  
Page Three
Photo Collage, click photos to see larger images.
These are shots of the finished product, named the Wasp per its
look when its coming in on approach, in yellow, with gear
dangling down.  It was also chosen because of the Wasp radial
engine that was available on the Fairchild 24, which goes back a
ways with me.
This was an incredibly fun project.  Creating the actual VTOL file was a bit
more difficult and took several days, involving deciding not to do one,
looking for others, re-tackling the problem, then finishing it and going
through several more days of testing.  Even after finishing it and uploading
on the web, I still decided to improve it more and thus made up an update
package for it, which also included other updates and improvements as well
including panel instrumentation, lighting effects, and improved instructions
for the 'Art of Take-offs and Landings in VTOL'.
These prototype concepts are  copyright by William Ortis,  Lionheart Creations Ltd.