Wasp VTOL  Personal Commuter
Photo Collage, click photos to see larger images.
Page One
These are the latest shots of the work in progress study on the VTOL Commuter
personal vehicle.  It is really looking alot better with the awesome tools that Gmax
has.  Hopefully it will be released soon.  The problem so far is a good airfile that
will allow it to fly at 312 knots and then to land vertically.
Pretty agressive looking, eh?  With that
much propellor area aimed in one direction,
she should fly pretty fast.
Shown here, the ducted thrusters are
aimed upward for vertical
ascent/descent.  The tail should be doning
it soon as well.
My little nephew Austyn has inspired me into
the art of 'landing atop skyscrapers', which as
you can see here, I made it.  Note the opened
This is a wild view, doing some manuvres
after departing the airport.
Prepairing to land on another building top.  
Climbing out in the rain over Seatle.
Max climb out after departing a roof top,
thrusters still in VTOL position.
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